Hello world!

Well, let’s see here……… I love to cook, not elaborate things, but tasty things. I prefer organic food, mostly a vegetarian, occasionally a meat eater and sometimes a fast food junkie when life is a bit hectic.  I work full time, , to help support my shopping habits. I try yoga on occasion, workouts are a struggle for me, but I love to run. I’m a mother of one, SJ, she is a tween learning to be her own person, which is always interesting these days. I’m a newly wed to my best friend, Dan, who keeps me strong, laughing and in love. We have three dogs, all under 35 pounds. I drive a Prius, I recycle, re-purpose things and I cuss alot.

This blog is here to bring you a laugh, introduce you ways to stay simple with life and maybe some recipes to keep your belly full….