Shopaholic (to the say the least)

I love shopping, like alot. It has become obsessive. I can un-stress on my lunch break with a click-click there and a click-click here on my phone or lap top. When I can’t sleep at night, hello tablet and my favorite websites. Ugh, it is too easy to shop now, which also include the different highs for all the different shopping experiences. The in-store shopping high, the sale item high, the clearance highs (one of the best), the online highs, the free shipping highs (pretty amazing feeling), the catalog shopping highs (I haven’t experienced this, but assuming it is similar to online) and the “OMG it is the last thing we need to complete this room” high. I’ve had fun the past few years of shopping for the hell of it.

So much it has now made me realize I have a problem. Not a BIG problem, well yes a slightly large problem, I’m starting to sneak my clothing over to my husbands “corner” because mine is full, but more or less a problem that I calculated what I have spent on clothing this year (for me alone) 6 months in, and well frankly I have exceeded my budget for the full year already. DON’T PANIC, I already have, for the both of us. So, I guess I could sell what I don’t want…pssh…yeah freaking right, I want it all and then some. Or I could donate what doesn’t fit me, again….yeah freaking right, I want it all and I WILL fit into those jeans again!! So the more I look over my wonderful cute clothes and items I simply did not NEED, I remember the credit card statement I silently dismissed in my email today. I mean, sure I can justify a few of my purchases, new tires for the car (Cha-ching), work pants when my pants wouldn’t get over my butt (Should have stuck to that diet) or medical bills (always unexpected).

That is my BIG, HUGE, MAJOR problem. It has crept up and I haven’t done well with my money managing skills. (Man adulthood is so hard, why didn’t anyone warn me!!) So here I go, for the next 6 months I vow to not use my credit card for online shopping, in store shopping (Even if there is a major sale) and to ONLY utilize it for those REAL emergencies. I will even attempt to pay a card off (but the creditors would love that one).

I, at one time, was able to manage shopping with cash only, only purchase what we need and maybe not over indulge on things we do not need, as much. I always looked for a bargain or coupon, clearance items were my section (Thank you Target for your end caps being stocked with clearance).

Does anyone else go in waves with this? Save so much money one month, splurge the next? Vicious cycle I tell ya.