Allergies in the Desert?

I grew up in Northern Cali, until I was 16 and so rudely uprooted to Yuma, AZ. I never “Suffered” from allergic reactions to much other than a medication and my tall story of being allergic to fish to make people leave me alone on how “delicious” it is. No it is not and I do not like it, I mean I’m allergic. Ugh whatever, it is not for me. Anyways, back to my allergy story…. My First year in, I get tonsillitis 6 times and on the 7th I was told I will be getting those babies removed, yipee all the Popsicles I can eat! Fast forward to living around AZ for 14 years (ugh) and I now attract 6 sinus infections a year. WTF! I have been tested several times, to be told I’m allergic to many native plants.

Normally I can take a Zyrtec and be on my way. Lately it is worse, I’m taking prescription nasal sprays, Zyrtec and Visine to clear my “allergy” eyes on a regular basis.

Friday, I woke up with a sore throat, hmm okay, maybe strep most likely post nasal drip. Headache followed and then the sniffles came. Saturday, I made my favorite organic chicken noodle soup (it is truly delicious) and I started to feel batter by Sunday. Pushed my gallon of water a day and the soup, rested (as much as I could) and come Monday, I felt like shit again. Today, i broke down and bought the good stuff….Sudafed. the pharmacist recommended it and I took that recommendation quickly. I have tried the natural solutions to make myself feel better, Netti pot, Ice Water for the sore throat, natural cough drops, blowing my nose till i almost pass out….ugh I must feel better. These are allergies, this can’t continue like this. Everyone at work say’s “oh no you are sick”….no I’m not sick, sick means you are contagious in my eyes….I just have allergy problems. Thanks beautiful monsoon weather for dropping all this rain, thank’s weeds for growing almost as tall as my backyard fence in a week.

Being in the Desert Southwest has really made my immune system whacked. I hate it, but I do love our new location. These views are worth the occasional stuffy/runny/congested nose and sore throat…for now.

Please excuse me while I go blow my nose through another box of tissue and drink some tea…