D I E T….. I don’t like the word diet. It is like a restriction of all things fun in life. I’m not a Dieter. I choose to eat food, most of the time it nourishes my body, sometimes I fill it up with garbage.

Lately I’m at an 85-15 kind of girl. 85% is healthy fuel for my body with yummy, good for ya, picked out of a garden healthy food. Other days, I’m like “LAY OFF ME!! I’M STARVING”¬† and eating an entire bag of Milano cookies. I assume it will even out….or at least hope so.

Some days, I consume fast food (which I nick name “garbage”, because well normally it isn’t of nutritious value) and totally regret 30 minutes later if not sooner. Why do I do this to myself?

I’m not sure, BUT I can always find a reason to blame it on. “PMS” “bad day” “too tired to cook” “didn’t meal prep” “too busy” “meh” and “it is too hot” . I really need to work past these nights and keep being strong with my better habits.

I like to think that I’m not dieting when I eat good food or that I “cheated” while I pigged out on carne asada fries. I’m human, I like food. Good food, be it fried, baked or freshly picked, I’m most likely going to eat it.

I do substitute meals with protein shakes, which has been helpful when I’m on the go and fills me up so I don’t eat “garbage” food.

I think we all have a point in our lives, where we have an okay balance on something we have struggled with our whole lives, for me it is food. It is a love hate relationship that is a work in progress.

Happy eating to you and keep doing what you are doing to be a better you!