Annie’s Homegrown Cookies

We are a huge fan of Annie’s Homegrown products in our family. I recently came across their refrigerated line of products at Target, which I immediately picked up and tossed in my cart to bring home for a yummy week night treat.

Annie's Homegrown Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough
Annie’s Homegrown Chocolate       Chunk Cookie Dough

I’m not a baker, I try to bake, but I mostly leave that to SJ. She enjoys it, she is learning to cook and bake so I normally leave that to her. I do assist her, of course, but normally I’m reading the recipe and making sure she doesn’t burn herself or the house down. With that being out in the open, I will have to admit these Annie’s Homegrown Cookies were so simple, I could do it!

I love how they are pre-measured and cut, so all I had to was pop them on to the baking sheet and bake them at 350 degrees.

Easy pre-measured cookie dough
Easy peasy cookie dough

The refrigerated cookie dough made by Annie’s Homegrown, are products I feel safe to feed my family after baking.The cookies are delicious and were quickly eaten by my family, easy to prepare and easy to clean up, I couldn’t be more pleased with the products.

Pick them up next time you go to Target and try them with your family today!

Annie's Homegrown Cookies
Annie’s Homegrown Cookies

I purchased these products on my own to review. The opinions about this product are my own.


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