Bacon Wrapped Cheesy Jalapeños

We love appetizers in our house, for any occasion. One of my husband’s favorite is the following recipe for Bacon Wrapped Cheesy Jalapeños. Simple to construct, three ingredients to use. You can make a few for just you, or alot for a party.


Ingredients to use:
12 Jalapeños
1 8 ounce block of cheese (your choice of flavor. I prefer Cheddar or Colby Jack)
1 package of Bacon


1.) Slice Jalapeños in half (long way’s), remove seeds with spoon *You are welcome to use gloves to do this* Do not cut tops (stem) off, you need the Jalapeños to resemble a canoe to cradle your cheese.
2.) Cut package of bacon in half. 1/2 a slice will wrap around jalapeño.
3.) Cut cheese into slices, about 1/4 inch thick, them cut those slices in half, length ways.
4.) Preheat oven to 400°
5.) Take 1 half of Jalapeño, cram it with your sliced cheese wedge and wrap bacon around. Continue until all Jalapeños are crammed with cheese and wrapped in a blanket of bacon.
6.) Coat cookie sheet with non stick spray or oil. Then place wire rack over cookie sheet. If you have a roasting pan, that works too. I like that the grease drips off the food, into another pan.
7.) Place your wrapped Jalapeños on rack on top of your cookie sheet or roasting pan.

8.) Cook for 20-25 minutes (or to the likeness of bacon crispness)Snack,
9.) Let rest for 5 minutes before shoveling into your mouth. Serve with ranch if you need to cool it down.

This dish goes great for parties, Football Favorite Snack, Friday night dinner and beers!