5 things I learned from Zumba today

So I got offered to attend a Zumba class for free. Being the adventurous person that I am, I took her up on the offer and went for this morning. 5 am. That means I was awake at 4 am, to get ready to go “dance” around a room with people I don’t know. I have two options, text her and say “No thanks I have cramps” or get up and get my workout clothes on, tie my sneakers and just do it. This is a small list of what I learned from the first Zumba class in 6 years. (This makes a total of 2 classed I have ever attended)

1.) My ass looks great in cotton leggings, before the hour long Zumba session.

2.) No one’s ass looks good in cotton legging’s after an hour long Zumba session. No one’s.

3.) You are going to sweat. ALOT. In places you weren’t sure you could sweat. Hello Swampass. (Swampass is not pretty)

4.) Soreness is going to happen. I guess. I can barely walk today. My thighs are killing me. My ankles even hurt. Seriously, I hurt in places I wasn’t sure was possible to hurt in….similar to the sweating thing.

5.) Zumba is not for me. It is a GREAT cardio workout. But I will stick with my walking, jogging and yoga.

I have major respect for all the men and women who can pull this off, keep up your amazing work. I will be quietly sobbing when I squat down to pee.