Victoria’s Secret Experience

I have never been one to care too much about my undergarments. Of course I want them clean and when purchasing said undergarments I want to find them on sale or clearance. I always preferred Target’s clearance section for all things undergarment related. Of course something with coverage, I’m modest most of the time. I had my favorite brand for bra’s and panties at Target and JcPenney’s. Well, that favorite bra brand came to an end Friday.

My favorite purple clearance bra I bought at Target a couple years ago had decided to work against me, on a rather busy day at work. That wire decided to breakthrough that fabric and stab my armpit in several different ways. I pushed it back in, where it belonged a few times, until I finally lost my cool and pulled the whole damn wire out while in the bathroom. No big deal, I’ve never been well endowed up top. You won’t be able to tell the difference, right? WRONG! I was so close to lifting my right shoulder up to my ear the rest of the day just to look normal. Thank god the day was coming to an end, maybe if I just sit at my desk, no one will notice my lop sided boobs. 3 o’clock, phew I can boogie out of here, get home and burn that baby!! Oh wait, the kiddo was promised FroYo…great. Maybe no one will notice. In and out of that FroYo place, on our way home we go.

After dinner Friday, we went to walk around our mall. We have a Victoria’s Secret and I decided to go in, alone. I deserve a well made bra and not one poking my armpit like crazy. I’m 30 years old, my girls need some good support these days. HOLY CRAP! $44 for a bra. Does it do tricks? Do I automatically get a fuller cup? Can it keep my safe in case of an emergency? No? Well, fine, yes, I will try it. The young lady was so nice and so in shock when I said I had never purchased a bra here before. I’m just checking this out, I mean, come on……$44 for a bra, I could buy 10 bra’s on clearance at Target. so nice young lady escorts me around the store, explaining all the differences an sizes. She takes me back to the fitting room, hands me a few. I try one on, and oh damn that is comfortable. Sweet young lady, asks to check it out to make sure it fit’s me well, I have no shame so I let her on in. Look, my back fat is hiding! I like this, I think I could get used to this. She say’s everything looks good, but try this one on and tell me how it feels. OMG, this is heaven in a bra. I have been wearing the wrong size?! Sweet young lady tells me yes, that is so common. Try this style on and tell me what you think. (In my head I’m thinking I want them all and quickly remember the price). Sweet girl ask’s me if I have seen the color options? I found a style I LOVE and head towards checkout and then out of the corner of my eye I see matching panties!

So I walked out of Victoria’s Secret, for the first time spending money on a Body by Victoria Secret Bra. More than I intended, but it was worth it. That bra is so damn comfortable, WHY haven’t I gone here before? I get Victoria’s Secret, best damn undergarments ever. I seriously was comfortable in that thing from morning till night! Will I go back to replace the cheapy one’s that don’t last? Yes, over time I will, my bank account won’t let me at once. I already informed my husband that any reason for buying me a gift, he could get me a gift card or surprise me. I love all their cute things! So from now on, Think Pink!