Horizon Super Squeeze Sampling Party

I recently received the opportunity to sample a new product by one of my favorite organic companies, Horizon. You may recognize the brand which is mostly related with milk, cheese and now the “Super Squeeze” product.

Easy to reach bucket of treats for the kiddo's including Horizon Chocolate Milk and Horizon Super Squeeze
Easy to reach bucket of Horizon for the kiddo’s

Super squeeze is very similar to yogurt, however it is loaded with protein, real fruit and provides lots of calcium.  The Super Squeeze comes in a convenient ready to go package that is also super easy to open (yay to less struggle on the go).

The Super Squeeze is great for all your on the go needs! Pack the Super Squeeze in a lunch box, have it ready after a sports game, pack it for a road trip, or maybe breakfast on the go! This can also make a great after school snack.

The kids who sampled the Super Squeeze products were very descriptive with their words when describing the 3 different flavors:

“Fabulous” “Creamy” “Yummy” “Delightful” “Good” “Great” “Delicious” 

Kiddo's with their Horizon Products.
Kiddo’s with their “yummy” Horizon Products.

The flavors included with my sampling kit included Orange Blast, Strawberry Bash and Mixed Berry Burst. Orange Blast seemed to be the favorite with the older kiddos.

Make your morning rush a bit more simple and go pick up a box for your kiddo’s today!

As a Mom’s Meet Ambassador I receive products to sample and provide feedback. These opinions are my own and of those cute kiddo’s in the pictures.