Waiting game…

In regards to a previous post, I announced Mr. Mitchell and I wanted to try for a baby Mitchell. It has been a bit over two months since I stopped my birth control pill. Boy, let me tell you the struggles of going off that pesky pill!!

Hormones. Hello hormones, I really didn’t miss your crazy shenanigan’s!  Ups and downs like a roller coaster on the beach boardwalk. The first month after the pill, I couldn’t control myself. Was I pissed, sad, happy? I was crying, because my period started. My mood went from happy go lucky to I hate everyone and everything. I’ve read that this normal….ugh.

Painful periods. I don’t recall being in that much pain since 2010, when I had an IUD removed. Cramps, backache, sore breasts, headaches, toothache, neck pain and the thought of using a tampon was out of the question too! I suffer from large cysts on my ovaries, I do know the pill was helping keep these at bay, I’ve had one since I stopped the pill, it felt just like ones I  have had while on the pills, so i hope they don’t get too bad. ::fingers crossed::

Predictability on when Aunt Flo will show up, is long gone! The days in-between have been crazy different. When on the pill I could pedict the day and down to the hour moat of the time! Not so much as of late.

Emotions have been crazy, which I will just blame on hormones. I feel like an idiot thinking we would do things right and get pregnant right away, but when I get a negative test, I feel sad in a way. And yes, I have taken a test or two…okay, maybe three, since Aunt Flo has not been the typical 28 days I have no clue when I’m ovulating or what the hell is going on half the time.

Hello lost love of my libido!! I never realized how much a difference that pill made!

Support from my husband has been amazing. We openly talk about everything, so being able to tell him why I’m extra cranky and want pie is amazing.

God has his own plans for our family. I will try my best to not get obsessive over baby making and all that crazy lady stuff. If it is to happen, it will. In the meantime, my amazing husband, beautiful daughter and our three fur babies will keep life simple!