Simple Holiday Shopping

‘Tis the season to shop til you drop! This is the last “shopping weekend” before Christmas. Are you panicked yet?

We celebrate Christmas in our home, and I do enjoy shopping and wrapping gifts for my daughter, husband and other family members. Sometimes it is hard to afford the gifts that everyone asks for. So I’ve learned to ask, take note and carry on.

I don’t get everything on my daughters wish list…


Number 10 and 11 are outta my hands. Number 1, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8 aren’t happening this year. Number 1,3 and 4 will probably never happen in the near future.
I narrowed it down to a few items, even chose things she didn’t ask for.
My idea is to keep it simple. Get one thing you can afford, don’t mind your kids having and the if you do more than one gift, buy what they need or will use. I don’t buy “filler” presents. Those presents that will be broken, forgotten about or just because I want a certain amount of items for each person. Nope. Not happening in this house. Of course I buy things she can use, like socks underwear and slippers. I try to purchase unique ones, cutesy and whatever to make it seem a bit more special. But she really does need these, this time of year.

As for my husband, I ask him a million times what he wants, I try my best to get something he wants, along with something unique too. He doesn’t buy himself a lot, he is a simple person, pretty basic really. So I like to go above and beyond for him.

When shopping for family, I always love getting them something they wouldn’t buy themselves. I keep things simple though, our wallets are only so deep.

So, when you rush around this weekend, buying last minute toys and gifts, just keep it simple. Don’t try to get everything on their wish list.

Smile, drink coffee and enjoy the season.

Merry Christmas!

❤ Kristi