The Three Bored Dogs…..

Today is Monday, first weekday of my “Winter break” from work. I managed to stay busy with usual chores I put off from the weekend. I also managed to love on my dogs and become uber annoying with them.

We snuggled, for a bit when I woke up.


I let them out to bark, wake neighbors, you know all that fun stuff to do at 7:45am….while I got my coffee.

We went for a walk, to the park, they did their business, I picked it up and we kept going.


We came home, I showered, did my human chores and ran errands.

When I came home, I played with them.

I then proceeded to make food for a potluck and I make cookies.

This led to the dogs getting an empty peanut butter jar to share….good times.


The dogs took a nap on the bed, I never made today.

Once again, they were let out back to bark, be dogs and annoy the neighbors.

I wonder what boring things we will do tomorrow….