Free & Clear Laundry Detergent

I’ve used Free & Clear Laundry detergent for several years and I have tried several different brands. Which has resulted into some I love and some I would never waste money on again. However, being a Seventh Generation, Generation Good member that I am, I was selected to try their Free & Clear Laundry Detergent 4X Concentrate, of course I was excited to do laundry once I received the free samples, did I mention the best part was it was for free, as long as I write a review! I was given three samples, two for myself and one to hand off to someone else to try!

Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent

I was stoked to do laundry for once, so I decided to wash all of our bed sheets with our samples of Seventh Generation Free & Clear Laundry Detergent. Laundry is never something I enjoy doing, but it is something that is done several days a week in our home regardless, so using a product that is free from dyes and perfumes is a must with all the allergy issues I have. SJ and I also have sensitive skin, I figured the best way to get the real feel for this product, was with our bed sheets. We sleep on them for at least 6 hours a night, why not see if they are fresh and clean feeling after a wash with this product.

Extra large load of bed sheets, one small packet of Seventh Generation Laundry Soap

Well, the results are in, a week later and our bed sheets did not cause any allergic reactions from the Seventh Generation Free & Clear Laundry Detergent. The sheets smelt fresh and are very clean after using the free samples. Thankfully neither of us had a reaction to the detergent switch, so I will be looking at purchasing this on a future shopping trip. The laundry detergent is hypoallergenic, which is great for our sensitive skin. It was free of dyes and perfumes, which again is great for my overly sensitive allergies. I recommend this product to anyone who has sensitive skin or allergies to perfumed products.

Why do I choose to use Free & Clear Laundry Detergent? I use Free & Clear laundry detergent because my daughter has sensitive skin and I cannot tolerate perfumed laundry soap.

Benefits of Seventh Generation Free & Clear Laundry Detergent 4X Concentrate: Non Toxic ingredients which is great for sensitive skin. Biodegradable formula, which means it is safer for the environment. No synthetic fragrances, which is amazing for people who are sensitive to perfumes. Usable in standard or HE washing machines. Concentrated formula, a little goes a long way. Cruelty free, which is a huge plus in my eyes!! USDA Certified Bio-Based product, 97% biodegradable. Packaging is made from recyclable products and can be recycled again! Free and clear of artificial brighteners as well!

Directions for washing your laundry with Seventh Generation Free & Clear: PRE-TREAT all those nasty stains, first and foremost! Just like any other laundry product that isn’t chemical ridden, you will need to pre-treat. I recommend dabbing a small amount onto the stain, let it sit for 30 or more minutes, then wash as directed on the garment. This is a must, with children’s clothing you are trying to keep “new” looking. If the stain is really bad, pre-treat with a dab of laundry soap and a sprinkle of baking soda, again let this sit for at least 30 minutes before washing as directed.

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I received a free product for the purpose of my review. Opinions are 100% my own.