So glad to see you go, January

January 2016 has been a whirl wind of emotions for myself, I’m so glad to see you go, seriously.

New Years was great, we were home, happy to be home as always.

Back to work and school for SJ and I on January 4th.

The following week, it all started to go downhill.

First, my husband had a cold, SJ had a cold and I started to feel like I was catching it. I felt really under the weather, just feeling sick and tired. SJ had a gnarly cough, so I took her into her pediatrician, we were informed she has croup and how to deal with it. I made myself an appointment at Urgent Care, because I was feeling really sick and had a pain in my chest. January 13th to 15th, I was home with a sinus infection (no big deal to me), but what hurt the most was bronchitis. (I feel so bad for anyone who has it!) I did not feel like staying home, but I could hardly function, I felt like I was so sick!! Hubby and SJ’s cold passed…

I started to feel better that following Monday, no school or work thankfully. I was able to do some laundry finally. The next day, I started to have alot of stomach pain with a crazy amount of bloating, which I figured it was something I ate or drank, and thought it would pass. That night, I woke up with severe pain on my right ovary. No big deal, I thought, so I went back to bed.

Wednesday, January 20th, my baby turned 11. I was emotional that my one and only is 11 years old, OMG how did this happen, wasn’t she just born!? I was still feeling like crud, but have no choice but to chug on. We celebrated her birthday with dinner at Texas Roadhouse, she got some cool gifts that she asked for and then we went home.

Thursday morning, I woke up again, with sharp pains in my right ovary, still bloated like crazy.

Friday, still bloated and having stomach pains, I contacted the OBGYN I saw earlier this month when I had a 12 day period. Yes you read that right. 12 days. (FML). They were unable to see me and said to go to ER if in that much pain. I thought, well you had no problem seeing me for a well woman exam but now you cant? Going to look for someone else, and found an AMAZING midwife who made me an appointment for the follwing week. However we all must go on with life, we took SJ to celebrate her birthday with friends at a local pizza place with games Friday night.

Saturday morning, I was in so much pain, crying and hunched over the bed. My husband insists I go to the ER. I agree and he takes me, checks me in and then heads home to wait with SJ. (Thankfully our ER is literally walking distance from our subdivision)

Several tests including a cat scan and ultrasound, I was told it was NOT my appendix (thank goodness) however it is a cyst, that ruptured. I was thinking “Great, I’ve had those before, rather often, but have NEVER been in that much pain.” I was also informed I have several cysts developed on my Fallopian tubes.

I followed up with that amazing midwife, a few days later, she insisted I get more blood work taken and an ultrasound in a month or so to see if the cyst has gone away or if more have occurred. Apparently being on the pill, helped suppress alot of the cysts I have. I don’t have my results back to see what is causing this or if it is something more serious than PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).

Hopefully we will know soon what’s going on, because this has not been a fun journey.

So January, I’m so glad to see you go! Goodbye, see you next year. February will hopefully be better!