January Health Update

The first week of February has passed. That week was good, according to my health. My blood work is back, I do not have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). I was negative for Ovarian cancer too! (That was great news) however, I found out my thyroid hormone levels were off. I have hypothyroidism. Which can explain my weight gain, lack of ovulating and crazy moments. (No really, crazy).

Your thyroid, keeps things operating smoothly in your body, it keeps your hormones working right. Any slight altercation can cause your body to not function properly. Which is what happened. So, i didn’t ovulate, which then caused the cyst to fill up with fluid I was told. Which then burst and sent me to the ER, thinking the worst possible scenario. Having hypothyroidism makes losing weight even more difficult. (Gaining, no problem!)  My lovely doctor has me on a very low dose of thyroid medication. I also still have an appointment in March, to check the size of the cysts. I’ve had a few pains here and there, thankfully nothing like I did on January 23rd!!

It’s so funny, how soon we forget how bad we wanted to have a baby, now all I
can think about is getting my body healthy and hoping these cysts will pass and allow me to feel great!!

❤ K