Grove Collaborative

I signed up for Grove Collaborative’s subscription back in October 2015, as an offer from my Seventh Generation, Generation Good membership. The VIP service was complimentary, for being a Seventh Generation, Generation Good member. They recently (very recently) changed their name to Grove Collaborative, which formally they were known as ePantry.  (In my opinion, ePantry rolls off the tongue easier)

The lowdown on Grove Collaborative; a subscription service that has a collection of eco friendly, green and natural products that get delivered right your front door, mailbox, postbox or work address (whichever location you choose). Products vary from time to time and they appear to be adding more and more brands every month I log in. Every time you use their services, you are saving 25 ft² per each shipment. That may not seem like alot to you but the point of that is the fact they are giving back to the Rain forest, which is a small step to making the world a better place. (Okay, yes, deep down I’m a tree hugger at heart and this swoons me)

The best part, they email you to let you know if your shipment is getting ready to ship, in case you are needing to add something else to your order or remove an item you may need at this time. You can even change the date of shipment or delivery, say you will be out-of-town on your usual day and don’t want your box to sit on your stoop, you can change the date of arrival for the day you return or put it off a whole month (or two) if needed.

Products available keep increasing. Every time I log into my account to add another product I run low on, I notice something new I must try! I love this. They even recommend products on the productivity of my cleaning habits. When I signed up, I took a quick 3-4 question quiz about how often I clean (ugh, the truth hurts!). This is useful on what they offer to you. Shipping is just $2.99 for each order.

VIP program is great, you get free shipping on all your orders! The yearly fee is $39.99, which covers shipping costs. VIP’s receive 5 free gifts throughout their subscription, these are not sample sizes either, they are full size freebies.So far I have received a glass squirt bottle with a concentrated bottle of Seventh Generation cleaner and my most recent gift was a large rehydrating container of chap stick. (SO IN LOVE WITH IT!) I have also received discounts and encouraging emails from the founders of Grove Collaborative.

All around, I find this to be an amazing company. I’m very pleased with the products I received, the service from everyone with Grove Collaborative and the quickness of delivery. When I look at the whole picture, I also feel like I’ve done good with the environment, by purchasing these products from reputable suppliers who care about sustainable living and recycled products.

Check them out here for yourself! Use this link, I get a credit. Sign up for yourself and share with everyone you know, when they order something YOU get a credit. Such a giving company! Even more reason to LOVE them. Link: Grove Collaborative

Here are few of my goodies I have ordered off of Grove Collaborative (ePantry):