Non-Dairy Ben and Jerry’s Frozen Dessert Review

Oh Ben and Jerry’s, I have been waiting for this day to come for YEARS!! I missed your delicious, sweet desserts. I grew up eating these delicious treats. But in my twenties, I wasn’t able to handle dairy anymore and had to stop eating all things delicious.

I’ve found other brands of dessert to enjoy, during my cravings or PMS days, but nothing compared to this delicious treat. I heard on the news, Facebook and other social media links that they were going to make a non-dairy dessert, sometime in 2015. I’ve waited patiently. I finally located it at Target a few weeks ago and this past weekend I caved and purchased it. $4.99 a pint. Out of the three options at Target, I chose the P.B. & Cookies.

After dinner with my husband on Friday, I dug right into it. I couldn’t wait!! We both had our spoons in hand, mine digging into the “P.B. & Cookies” and his digging into “The Tonight Dough”.

First bite, delicious. The cookies and peanut butter combo is delicious. The peanut butter swirls are  crunchy, sweet and salty. The cookies, resemble something of the Oreo style (cookies and cream). It is yumny. I ate about 1/2 the pint, since it is pretty rich.

It is most of what i have longed for, I hope that Ben and Jerry come up with something dairy free with cookie dough and dark chocolate swirls pretty soon….. Just saying.