Water Awareness Month

April is water awareness month in our town. We live in Arizona, therefore, every month should be water awareness. So in honor of Water Awareness Month and with Earth day around the corner, I came up with some simple tips to keep the amount of water you use to a minimum.

•When brushing your teeth, turn off the water. Remind the kids to do so too!

• Washing dishes by hand? Fill up one sink half way with bubbles and water, when you are done washing all the dishes, rinse them off at once, instead of individually.

• Only do full loads of dishes in the dish washer. Maximize your loads, you are using the same amount of water either way.

• When it comes to laundry, do full loads of laundry to maximize the water use.

• It’s getting warm outside, so playing with water is a must on the warmer days! Help your kids use the hose wisely. Instead of running through the sprinklers after your grass was already watered that morning, let your kids water the grass, while they are playing outside.

•Be sure to check all the faucets around the house, to make sure they aren’t leaking. I do this at least once a month!

• Check your pool and spa, to ensure everything is running smoothly with your pumps. Keeping everything clean, will help keep the water usage to minimal.

•Washing hands are important task we do everyday. Be wise and turn off the water while you are soaping up! Teach the kiddos this task too, while singing “Happy Birthday” song to themselves as they do it. Then rinse off the soap (and those germs) air dry or use a clean towel.

• Place your sprinklers on a timer, however, you should check on them routinely to make sure they are still functioning properly.

• Washing your car is essential to keeping it looking good, be sure to turn the hose off, when you aren’t rinsing the vehicle.

Making small & simple changes, aren’t only good for your wallet, they are essential for our earth!