Mom Guilt

Mom guilt. Majority of us moms, have it. We all carry different forms of guilt. My mom guilt is different than yours I assume.

My daughter, was sick the other day. Upset tummy, restless and just all around feeling like crud. I had to go to work. This was my second week of work. What do I do?

Amazing awesome husband to the rescue. Stepdad of SJ, he stepped in. “You just started your new position, I can stay home and do double duty on Saturday”. But that mom guilt set in. “Nooooo, it’s my kiddo, you don’t need to miss work. I’m sure they will understand I have a sick kid.” But he insisted. SJ didn’t care who was staying home, as long as she could lay in misery in her own bed and NOT be bothered with school. My husband was able to work from home that day.

The next day, we send SJ to school, no fever, no vomiting ever happened. Just a case of icky tummy pain. She went to school, then I got the text (I know the awesome school nurse, no phone calls needed). She let me know SJ was in her office, complaining of an upset tummy. She gave her tummy meds, sent her on the way. PHEW! I thought. Then another text later that day, “SJ is back. No fever, but doesn’t look like herself”. I texted my husband to ask where he was. Out of town. Of course. How could I forget?! I text my boss to let her know I have a sick kid in the nurses office. May have to leave. I finish my morning task, contact doctors office to make an appointment for the same day (yikes, maybe it is something serious!!), let nurse know I’m on my way. Inform boss having to take sick SJ to doctor. Will not be back. Rush to sick Kiddo’s school and pick her up. Run to drug store to get Gatorade and Tylenol for her now headache. Rush home.

Waiting for doctors appointment.

Rush to doctors appointment. Not strep! Whoo whoo! But she has a fever now (ugh!!) And cannot return to school til Monday, permitting fever is gone. She has a stomach bug, it should pass.

Husband was able to stay home AGAIN on Friday. Thank goodness. But then the mom guilt set in. Same thing. I need to be home with my daughter. I need to be at work. Thankfully, my awesome husband talked me into going to work again that Friday. Since I have a new job, I need to be there. But I feel guilty.

This isn’t his duty. He did sign up to be a family man, when we moved in together and got hitched. But I carried her for 9 months. She is my responsibility. I should be home with her. If I didn’t have to work, I would be home with her. But I needed to be at work. New job. New position. I need to be there. It was my 2nd week.

But I always feel like I need to be in two places at one. I feel guilty for working and I feel guilty for being at home when my husband is working.

I’m thankful my husband is so damn supportive. You don’t see men like him often. I love him. I love how he takes care of us. As a family.

My guilt is different, I know. But in the end. We all have it. Right?

P.S. SJ is okay as of today. She was sick (vomit. Everywhere.) This past Saturday, but is on the mend and attended school today!!