SUJA Probiotic Raspberry H2O

Today I gave SUJA Organic Probiotic Raspberry Water a try. I purchased it, thinking the name sounded sweet. Like a refreshing drink, mid day to perk me up.

It comes in a sleek, thin bottle with a brightly printed colored label on it. It totally draws the eye in. It is crisp and delightful looking. The labels and icons I look for often are right on the bottle! “non GMO” “USDA ORGANIC”!! I’m in love!!

The flavor I purchased was Organic Crushed Raspberry. What a delicious flavor Raspberry is. The nutrients are amazing on this!! 1 gram of sugar! 5 Calories per a bottle! I couldn’t wait to try this.


After lunch, I decided was the best opportunity to try this. Mid day hustle and bustle with a delightful drink.

First sip, I was expecting something different. Something sweeter. This is so, vitamin tasting. Maybe I need to shake this.

Second sip, That’s the trick. Shake before you chug. Seriously.

The positive I found with SUJA Probiotic waters, they are a low calorie, Probiotic refreshing drink that should be shaken and served chilled.

The negative I found with SUJA Probiotic waters is that they taste a bit like a supplement and not a sweet tasting water as I expected.

I purchased this item on my own. The opinion is my own.