Shopping Addiction on a Budget

I’m ADDICTED to shopping, like I may have mentioned before….a time or two. I have no problem admitting it. I get some sort of high when it comes down to it, using my credit card for the newest dress I fell in love with online is an AMAZING feeling. I also get buyers remorse soon after. It’s a twisted combination.

I try to purchase most my items, on a budget. (pause, hold up, I’m rolling on the floor laughing now) Okay, let me rephrase that. “I purchase most of my items, preferably on a budget.” meaning, if they are on sale, i get more of a drive to purchase them and want them.

For instance, Target Clearance is one of my favorite places to look. 90% of the time, I need nothing, but will look and probably purchase something because it was under $5. Sad truth, but I know SO MANY people who do this. I also do majority of my grocery shopping here now, thanks to coupons and the Target app Cartwheel! It is so awesome to be able to scan a product to see if there is a coupon, if there isn’t they may even offer another brand to look for that has a percentage off. My husband and I both have a Target Red card, which gets taken directly out of or checking.

I do shop at Marshall’s. They have all the name brands I love, with amazing prices. I also find new brands from designers I’ve never heard of, but they make some super cute things! Marshall’s on a budget is a win win, for everyone. I do have a Marshall’s card, which can be used at all TJX companies! That includes Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Sierra Trading Post, Home Goods, Winners and Homesense. You earn rewards for shopping, which are then redeemable during another purchase. Amazing.

Zulily is one my absolute favorite places to shop online! (I have been a member since 2011) Membership is free!! They even have an APP to download for either your apple product or android product. The company purchases items at bulk, therefore we get the discount! Like major discounts, from your favorite brands to new and unique brands with looks that come out of a boutique! Some items ship right away, others may take a couple weeks. I don’t think you will be disappointed with their website!! Shipping prices range, with the average of $7.95 per shipment, however after your first order you get free shipping the rest of the day, sometimes they have specials where you get it for the full weekend! (Every shopaholics dream!)

I do majority of my clothing shopping online and have included household products that are Eco Friendly from Grove Collaboration  to my online shopping habits. It is all delivered right to my front door! AWESOME!! They offer budget friendly finds, on everyday products we use. Plus, if you become a VIP member, you get FREE shipping on every purchase. Grove Co. does offer the subscription service, which makes it so simple to enjoy things in life and not worry about running out of TP or Hand soap! is one of favorite places to look for items I just can’t find a good deal on, in our town. I do have a credit card through them, only to obtain the free perks of payment plans and promotional offers. They are the go to place for just about everything on the planet now. I truly enjoy what they offer and can spend hours on their website. They do have an app as well, available for either apple or android products. This makes my shopping super simple!

Well, that is how I shop simple and on a budget.