I LOVE Yes To!

I love simple products. Natural is key for me, besides my fake blonde hair currently.


Yes To brand offers so many different products, I’ve fallen in love with a few. I’ve noticed as I’ve hit the dirty 30, my skin feels drier….that could also be because I live in Arizona, anywho, I figured I should get serious over moisturizing. Trial and error always happens when you are trying to find a new product you love. I tried a few brands for a couple months and either couldn’t commit due to the scent, reaction to my skin or cost. Then comes Yes Too products. It was love at first scent.

Yes To Carrots Daily Moisturizer and SPF 15 is awesome. The texture is rich and creamy, the scent is light and fresh. It keeps my skin hydrated all day long.

Yes To Carrots Night time moisturizer is just as great. I’m new at this whole day and night skin care, I should have started this year’s ago but I was too busy to care about my skin. The night time moisturizer is creamy and smooth. It has a light scent that smells fresh. I love it.

To clean my face, I’ve used million different products over the course of 15 years….my newest favorite is the Yes To Coconut Cleansing wipes and they are amazing. I love coconut anything and the the wipes are so gentle but actually take all my makeup off. I even use them to remove eye makeup! They are great after a heavy workout to clean and moisturize your face or after a long day at the office. I’ve been using these for about a month and I even got the tween to use them.

The DL:
• Over 95% Natural ingredients
• Paraban Free
• Available Fragrance Free

Keep life simple and check out some of their products at Target and look for a Cartwheel coupon!

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