And Then it Happened!

I haven’t had a regular cycle in sometime. I was starting get worried that I had another cyst developing this time on my left ovary. I was getting the similar uncomfortable pains and really starting to panic since I hadn’t had a period since March. Which, wasn’t totally abnormal. I didn’t have one at all in February or November the previous year. I was starting to used to this idea we weren’t going to get pregnant and I was coming to terms with it.

On a random morning, something told me to use a home pregnancy test. So I got out of bed, used it and was about to toss it in the trash, like I have with so many before and then it started to appear. Those magical two lines. Before it was completely done, I texted my husband “OMG” at 5:50 in the morning. Realizing he is driving I phoned him right away. He asked if everything was okay and the words “I’m pregnant” fell out of my mouth like a foreign language. I wasn’t sure what I was saying let alone feeling at that moment. His response was “Really?”. What was my follow up going to be, just kidding I read it wrong?! Nope…there it is. The two lines. We chatted for a bit about it, mostly with “OMG” and “Wow”….

We waited to confirm the news with my midwife prior to telling SJ. I couldn’t wait to tell her. She has wanted to be a big sister since about 5 years old. Thankfully, she has had plenty of cousins to keep her occupied while mommy wasn’t ready! We went to the midwife and they did an ultrasound, however baby is snug behind my bladder. The picture was pretty crappy, so we do have an ultrasound with an imaging place in town soon. We left the “crappy” sonogram on the table for SJ and I called her in to show her. Her reaction was beautiful! Just beautiful. First she asked if that was mine (the sonogram), I said yes. Her reaction was just beautiful. I wish I recorded the moment, but at the same time, I’m so happy I have that memory all to us. She said “OMG I’m going to be a big sister FINALLY”. I just assured her “Yes, you are going to be the best big sister!!!”

It may be awkward to some, to have an almost 12 year old when the new baby arrives, but I’m okay with that. My SJ is perfect the way she is and is going to be an amazing big sister. Life isn’t always as planned, it doesn’t always happen how you intend it too but life is beautiful. Even when I’m hugging a toilet all night long, I know that this baby is growing and doing okay, snug behind my bladder. I have an amazing husband and an amazing daughter to raise this bundle of joy and I cannot feel more blessed to have all the love in this house, love that baby.


<3, K