First Trimester Woes

Yay, we are pregnant!! Everything is going to be fabulous! We got an ultrasound on the cute the little cocoa bean and figured out our due date, surprisingly further away than we thought, but ehhh whatever. This is going to be a breeze, I’ve done this before. I can handle this!

Oh but wait, here comes the morning sickness. The knock me down, I can’t think, give me a toilet, trash can, cup or anything to throw up in. It has hit me hard. So hard I had to miss a few days of work here and there, due to all the nauseating nights, rough mornings and lack of keeping much down. Don’t forget the shower, oh how could I forget throwing up in the shower. Note to self, don’t eat then take a “relaxing” shower soon after. You will then crawl out of the shower and crawl straight to bed moaning and groaning. Oh and not to mention the one minute you are enjoying something you craved and think you will keep down, the next minute you are running to the bathroom to throw up whatever the devil that was. Oh and the joys of throwing up in the toilet (hopefully it is clean) when the water splashes back up at you but you are too busy chucking everything out of your stomach to give a shit. Nothing sounds good, nothing looks good. All of my former favorite foods are now not allowed near me. Thank you doc for giving me a prescription of vitamin B-6 3xs a day, sure it helps….I think………I honestly couldn’t tell you. Some days are better than others.

To make this first trimester even more ….let’s say interesting, throw in not 1 but 2, TWO UTI’s. What joy. Because that’s what you want to have when you are peeing every hour on the hour. Throw in some disgusting smelling antibiotics, that make you want puke every time you swallow them.

Follow this by some insane pelvic pain that doesn’t appear to be going away, but don’t call your midwife because you aren’t that person who is going to call every time something doesn’t feel right. I mean, you’ve had a baby before, this is probably normal and since it has been 11 years, you just don’t remember. But then you add some dehydration and you got yourself a trip to the ER on a Friday evening.

Last weekend, we had a rough weekend. It was a scary, emotional and stressful. Friday night, under my husband and mom’s suggestion we went to the ER, since I was having so much pain and felt extremely dehydrated. I had been to my midwife’s that afternoon, to provide a urine sample, which they would check for a UTI and/or any other problems. I got a call before walking out the door from them that they would provide me with antibiotics. Husband took me to the ER anyways, I got in, got seen. Was given an IV for dehydration with antibiotics for the UTI. They attempted to hear the baby’s heartbeat on the doppler but we couldn’t. We were told to follow up the next day. We obliged and showed up the next morning, I was given an ultrasound and our little cocoa bean was beating away and looking precious. My blood was rechecked and I was told my HCG levels dropped, my White Blood Count was still incredibly high and that I should be prepared for a miscarriage, according to the ER doctor. Of course, this put tears in our eyes and fears in our minds. We were told to go home, if any further symptoms arrive or get worse, come back. That night, I was headed to bed, I went to use the restroom and saw blood. I started screaming “No! No! No!” and rushed out of the restroom crying to find my husband. He put me in the truck and we were at the hospital again. I honestly don’t recall how we got there, but we were there and waiting to be taken back. The ER worked quickly to get us in a room, I was seen by the same wonderful Ultrasound guy, baby looked great, heartbeat was strong! I was relieved. I then had blood work taken, again, White Blood Cells were still high, haven’t budged and the HCG levels went back up a bit.Bleeding subsided, I was sent home with a list of what not to do, take things easy, take my medication, rest and follow up with my midwife.

Monday morning came, I informed my boss I would be on bed rest for a few weeks. At that point, my husband and I think stress were playing a big part of this ordeal and we came to the conclusion I need to quit my job. The job is new, it is stressful and alot to manage. If I wasn’t pregnant, 6 weeks into my new job, this would have been fine. But we tried to make a baby for almost a year and having our family is way more important than being stressed out and possibly losing this precious life over a job. I met with my Midwife, who is AMAZING! She checked on baby once again, to make sure it was fine and we could see a heartbeat and baby was moving around so cute! She apologized for the weekend we had, insisted everything will be okay and I will be on bed rest for a few weeks, take time off work. I told her my husband and I were thinking about me quitting since the job is stressful. She said I don’t need to be stressed and thought it would be more beneficial if that’s what my husband and I agree on. So I did it, I quit my job. Because I couldn’t even think about going back after bed rest with the stress.

This past week has been interesting, last weekend was for sure something I don’t want to relive. I’m now jobless, on bedrest and I keep trying to think positive. Once I turned in my resignation, I cried a bit. I had worked so hard to get a well paying job out here, that was challenging at the same time. I was also crying out of relief, relief of feeling that was the best choice for our family. Relief that I can do my best to care for this baby while it is growing. As much as bed rest is rather boring, I have sure watched enough cable for everyone in the family and taken several naps that have been needed by this growing bump.

I’m so thankful to have an amazing and supportive husband, who is always here for me no matter what. He is so supportive, helpful and loving. I can’t get enough of him. I haven’t explained everything to SJ, I don’t want to scare her or worry her, but she has been helpful when mommy is being super lame this Summer. I have a few more weeks of this first trimester and I’m going to be on bed rest, puking and sleeping….. so please amuse me.

<3, K