Box of Style Summer 2016

I recently signed up for a subscription service called “Box of Style”, which sends you seasonal boxes of beautiful accessories and the latest must haves for that season. Honestly, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this! How exciting, something my little shopaholic heart will look forward to season after season.

When the Box of Style arrived on my front porch, I was ecstatic! I couldn’t wait to rip into it. Once I ripped into and fell madly in love with everything in the box. Just opening the box was a joy, everything is individually wrapped and secure in the big black box. Now, let me say, I don’t consider myself fashionable, I’m a mom of a tween and pregnant with #2 finally, so anything I wear she pretty much hates. I’m a sundress and sandal kind of girl in the Summertime, I always feel more put together in ensemble.So yes, I could always use help looking better, for gods sake I’m a mom in my 30’s, I don’t necessarily scream fashionista. I admire women who have their sh*t together while raising kids. Good for you!

What the Box of Style has to offer is just what I needed to get a bit out of my funk. I’m a fan of all black dresses and the LUV AJ jewelry provided in the box looks great with just about anything, but I felt it really pulled my outfit together. (Retail value: $190)

My Favorite black dress & LUV AJ Lariat Necklace

One of my favorite pieces I received in the Box of Style is the Michael Stars Pastel Gardens Coverup. Again, being a mom and currently pregnant, I’m all about covering up.This coverup is sheer, so doesn’t leave too much hidden but it sure does look elegant and I cannot wait to wear it on the beach this Summer. (Retail value: $58)

Bright and Adorable
Michael Stars Pastel Gardens Coverup 

The next item I unveiled was the YHF Los Angeles cashton Brown Sunglasses. These are pretty cute and not something I would EVER pick out myself. I go for the large frames, to cover up my mom eyes. (You know the look, dark circles and tired eyes) I love that these are tortoiseshell frames with a bit of the gold rims, very sophisticated looking and easy for any face! (Retail Value: $40)

YHF Los Angeles Sunglasses

Next item that I opened up was the Ouai Haircare The Beach in a Bottle wave spray. I love wave spray. My hair has good days, once in awhile BUT I can make look pretty damn good everyday with the Wave Spray. This is the first time I was introduced to this brand. It is easy to use, the beach waves are gorgeous and it provides a weightless texture to your hair. (Retail value is $12)

OUAI Wave Spray

I was also provided with Juice Beauty Green Apple SPF 15 Brightening Moisturizer. I’m fair skinned, so of course I need something with at least an SPF 15 for my face. What I love about this product, is that it provides the coverage I need while moisturizing with organic ingredients. PLUS, it smells freaking amazing. That is a true “WIN” in my book. You can order yours on if you did not order a Box of Style this Summer. (Retail Value is $38)

Juice Beauty Green Apple Brightening SPF 15 Moisturizer 

The last item I unwrapped was something I use more than I ever thought I would. It is a DreamDry Dream Turban. My mom and my daughter use these, alot. I’ve just never cared for them. I always thought they were just, funky. Well, I tried it out, because well, why not I have now in my possession. The Dream Dry Turban is great for my hair. It helps dry my thick hair a bit quicker. I use it after my shower and while putting my face on, when I actually do my makeup…..It works great, I totally see why my mom and daughter like these. I think they may be getting a Dream Dry Turban for Christmas! (Retail Value is $30)

Wearing my Dream Dry Turban as I put my face on

All in all I was impressed with the Box Of Style, Summer 2016 edition and am totally obsessed. This is great, if you want to keep your style updated and get full size samples of awesome products to keep your skin and hair beautiful as you are. The retail value of the Box of Style is over $350 and I received it all for $90. Become obsessed with me! This is a great way to treat yo’self, gift to a recent grad or of course a great gift to just send someone you love!

Be sure to check back in the Fall, to see all the cute things we unwrap then! #BoxofStyle


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