Replacing The Old

It always comes to a point in time where you have to replace something you once loved. I have a heavy heart giving up my old laptop. Yes a laptop. It was a big deal buying that after a divorce and creating a new life for myself. Which included my online life, uploaded photos, research, college programs and taking care of my own finances….not to mention all the kid games downloaded for my kiddo.

The time has come to replace this laptop. The battery was dead unless it was constantly plugged into an outlet, something I had replaced once before. My sound worked occasionally and music was just a no go on the laptop in the past couple months. Several keys were sticking and/or you would have to pound on to get to use. However it still functioned with the needs I used it for. Homework, reports, online research, blogging and storing thousands of photos.

BUT there comes a point in life that you know time is running out on the thing you once loved. It could crash any minute and wipe out your photos for good. So I transferred ALL of my photos, papers and important documents this past week onto some flash drives. Long task, let me tell you that. I enjoyed viewing some photos while in the process which was nice. I then deleted TONS of crap off the laptop and updated everything that needed an update. I restored it to several original settings and then, I put it away.

My daughter was not happy about getting my laptop at first, when I talked about replacing it for myself. She “hates” all the stickers on it. Well when the new one came home, she started asking if she can have my old one. My response was “No, you don’t like the stickers on it so you won’t appreciate it.”She pouted and said “I can handle the stickers I guess.” My response was “You are welcome to use it for school but it is still mine.” I’m pretty sure the damn thing won’t last much longer but whatever. I was using it daily, for hours. It has lived a well purposed life. It will be missed.



As for my new laptop, I love it. We purchased a Dell Inspirion 15 3000 series from our local Best Buy, they were running a special on this laptop and a “Free” Keurig with the purchase of this particular laptop (they break it down on the receipt to charge you cheaper for each item, instead of it being free…whatever Best Buy). Which was perfect, I wanted a new Keurig since our old one died a couple years ago and the reviews on this laptop were great. It runs perfectly (for now). It is easy to use and I’m adjusting to Windows 10. The size of this laptop is 15.9″, which is larger than my last laptop (apparently size does matter guys).  Perk for me is that the keyboard feels like a normal desk top keyboard for and I love it. The sound is awesome on it when I want to listen to my music! I’m adjusting to the new laptop slowly and of course it is new and shiny for me, which is always a plus! It has a HD Webcam, which is handy to Skype all the grandparents! It offers 3 HDMI ports, 1 SD Card Reader and wireless and blue tooth capabilities.

So out with the old and in with the new.