Brew and Renew Coffee Review

Early mornings happen and sometimes at 3 AM you just need a cup of fresh brewed coffee. Thankfully I was able to wake up with a cup of brew that is in a Certified 100% Compostable Pod that works in all K-Cup brewers.

I was given three options to choose from, let me just say they are all great. My first cup of brew was by Hills Bros, it was a bold Colombian coffee that tastes great with my vanilla almond  milk. It is easy to use in your K-Cup brewer, you won’t miss the plastic around the rest of the K-Cup, trust me. My second cup of brew this week was by Kauai Coffee and it was the Garden Isle Medium Roast, I’ve had this before and it truly is decadent to drink. My third cup of coffee this week was one of my guilty pleasures, Chock full o’Nuts Midtown Manhattan Medium Roast Coffee. It is delicious and I used to buy that brand for my regular coffee pot and always tastes delicious with my vanilla almond milk.

The benefit of using a Certified 100% Compostable pod is the fact it is less plastic waste for our environment. That may not seem like a big deal to some, but if you drink one K-Cup a day, every year those little cups add up to 365 K-Cups in the landfill. It is known that less than 5% are actually recycled. The new K-Cups that offer 100% Compostable Pods become nutrients for the soil in around 100 days in composting facilities, which in return is better for our environment.

If you are bound to have a single serve coffee brewer then I would recommend that you switch to a less harmful K-Pod and try the Certified 100% Compostable Pods. These K-Cup pods turn to compost quickly, in under 100 days. The product is made with the thin skin of a coffee bean, which is naturally left behind during the roasting period. This product is also supported by the United States and Canada’s composting council. Check for your favorite brand of coffee in 100% Certified Compostable Pod at your local grocery store.

Brew & Renew Review

I received this product for free, for the purpose of my review. ALL opinions expressed are my own.