Second Trimester Thoughts

A few thoughts of what it is like to be pregnant in the 2nd trimester.

  • Awww look at my cute baby bump by week 17. But if it looks big now, what am I going to look like at 40 weeks!!!! (Envisioning me about the size of a Smart Car)
  • Aww the baby kicked, but only I can feel it. This is pretty cool…. but I feel bad that I keep rubbing it my husbands face that I can feel it and he can’t yet.
  • Look, I’m finally glowing!!!! Wait….Nope…. I’m not glowing…I’m just sweating. Why am I sweating so much?
  • What is with my BO somedays? Like seriously I smell like I ran a marathon by the end of the day and I sure the hell didn’t!! (Deodorant please step it up a notch)
  • Food cravings, you are awesome at times, except for those times I don’t have the food in the house to make that amazing craving.PLUS it is really annoying when I can’t find what I want at the store, let alone 3 different stores in this town.
  • Sleep is overrated! I don’t fall asleep easily let alone stay asleep at night. I’m so tired. Like seriously crying in the middle of the night tired. That could be hormonal.
  • I thought I was supposed to stop peeing so much this trimester. I feel lied too!
  • Helllllooooo raging bitch hormones when someone is being annoying to me. OMG I’m so sorry family, friends and random bad drivers in this town.
  • Naps are glorious when they are alone or with a snuggly dog. This doesn’t happen often BUT when it does happen I’m pretty happy.
  • Headaches, I hate you. I hated you before and I hate you even more now since I’m trying my best to not use any medicaiton.
  • Goodbye my “Fat” sweatpants. We can no longer lounge together a few times a week since you now feel way to tight on me at 19 weeks pregnant. Hello $$$$ on maternity clothes….
  • Speaking of maternity clothes. I hate the pants that don’t have the full belly coverage. These ones that have just a band, make me crazy. I feel like they are rolling down and I’m constantly fixing them!
  • My bras have not fit well in awhile. Maybe I should shop for a new one or two…doesn’t sound like fun. I think I will wait till I REALLY need a new one.
  • Awwww baby kicks, again. ❤
  • Week 20 is approaching and we are getting ready for an ultrasound, yet I’m so nervous… I’m also incredibly excited to get a peak at this precious baby!
  • Finally, my husband felt the baby kick! It’s still so cute….
  • Cravings, again. I want a white cherry slurpee and a cheeseburger! STAT!!! No, wait. I want nachos and a huge class of ice water. Yeah….that’s what I want. Nooo, I think I want a bowl of cereal. Or waffles without syrup. (This keeps happening…my cravings change like the direction of the wind, constantly)
  • My energy comes and goes……I think I’m tired again.

That’s all I have for now as I approach my 20th week….

Please add on in the comments if you can think of anything else! 🙂

<3, K


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      1. Yes . I know how the feeling comes from this one . U get goosebumps all the time as u near each phase of yours . I pray and wish u lots of love & warmth . I too had these feelings when I was about to be a first time mom . Unfortunately, my fate didn’t gave me this opportunity to witness . I’m an incomplete mother . But I wish all moms a great beginning with their newborn . I too wish , Almighty hears my prayers once again . I’m staying positive . And I loved to stumble here in your blog . It gave me joy after reading 😊 Should you have time , do check out my blog at
        I would love to come across and stop back again .
        Wishing u a great & prosperous day ahead . Take care

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