Easy Teriyaki Beef & Pineapple

I love easy go to meals during the week. We are busy with school, activities, homework, chores and so many other things during the week, having something to whip up quickly is a must in our house.

This meal reminds me of visiting my dad, he lives in Hawaii, so when I would visit as a kid he would grill teriyaki beef and it was always so delicious. With this meal I have added grilled pineapple and onions to add some “Hawaiian” flavors.

This recipe can be made inside on a grill pan or you can grill it outside on your BBQ. The choice is yours. I did mine inside, due to the time crunch we were on to get dinner on the plate!


1 Pound Thinly sliced beef (Not paper thin but not the size of a flat iron steak. 1/4 inch is perfect), cut either into strips or bit size pieces (whichever you prefer)

1 Can of pineapple rings/chunks (whichever you prefer to eat, however if grilling outside, rings or sliced pineapple wedges will be best)

1 Bottle (12-16 ounces) Of your favorite Teriyaki Sauce. (Huli Huli Sauce is delicious IF you can find it at your local grocer, if not Soy Vay and Kikkoman are my go to)

1/2 White Onion thinly sliced to grill with


1.) Marinate meat, at least 1 hour in your favorite teriyaki sauce

2.) Take meat out of the fridge at least 20 minutes before grilling. Let is come to room temperature/get the chill off.

3.) Prepare grill pan or grill while meat is getting the chill off of it. By this I mean, if you are using a grill pan indoors then you will need to make sure it is lightly coated in olive oil and HOT, so that your meat has the “char marks”. IF you are going to grill outside on your BBQ grill, then prepare your coals or turn on the gas. Like i mentioned before, I prepared this meal for my family in doors, since it was middle of the week and we were running late.

4.) Place your meat on the grill. Do not move it right away, or else you won’t have the char marks we all desire when eating “Grilled” meat.

5.) Flip meat after 3-4 minutes, add pineapple chunks and onions.

6.) Once your meat is cooked thoroughly (5-7 minutes total) and the fruit & veggies have a bit of char, your meal is ready to be served.

I serve this over a bed of rice. You can use minute rice on the stove to make this a quick no fuss meal. You could also serve this on kabobs for a cookout! Your choice, just keep it simple!