Staying Fit while Pregnant

My pregnancy has been a roller coaster at times, in the midst of it all I have wanted nothing but to come out with a healthy baby! Prior to getting pregnant, I was on my health kick of protein powder shakes in the mornings, healthy snacks and protein. In the beginning, I tried my best to continue this with adding a few extra calories to my daily 1200 calorie intake. I bumped it up to 1500. This didn’t last long. Soon my body hated the sight of food, drinks, people and life. I was miserable with ALLLLLLL FUCKING DAY morning sickness. We had a scare early in our first trimester. I continued to lose weight, was on bed rest and just feeling like complete DOG SHIT on top of the many infections my body was trying to fight off.

Things started to feel better come my second trimester. I’ve put some weight back on, 9 pounds in a month (impressive) and continue to now gain slowly. Our baby girl is growing and a little ahead schedule. I’ve been trying my best to stay healthy the past month and moving forward. Walking every other day, watching my food intake and NOT giving into every single craving no matter how much a Whopper Jr and a side of hash browns sound after dropping my oldest kiddo off at school.

This week I incorporated a protein shake after one of my walks. This was a free sample thanks to the Influenster program I am apart of and I loved how they included three different ones to choose from. I don’t drink products that contain milk or whey, thankfully they included a plant based protein powder for me to sample. Plnt by Plant Protein in Vanilla, packs in 19 grams of protein. Which I know I can use all the protein I can get down me right now. It is NON-GMO (awesome), Free of common food allergies, Easy to digest (yes it is, once you get past the play-dough smell) and made of a raw protein blend. The biggest plus for me was the non-dairy aspect. The opinions expressed are my own, the item sampled was a free product for the purpose of my review. 

My other stay healthy while pregnant points I tell myself have been to take it easy when my body tells me too. This is hard for me, I like to stay busy. My body has defiantly been telling me to get off my feet and rest the past couple weeks. I try to eat as much fruit and veggies as possible, this is not always easy when it doesn’t sound good or the sight of it makes you want to run and hide. BUT they do keep me healthy and full. My cravings are not bogus, this pregnancy, which has been great. I mostly crave protein, as in meat and more meat and occasionally a root beer (well this week anyways).

What did you do to stay healthy while you were pregnant?


One thought on “Staying Fit while Pregnant

  1. Hi. This was such a wonderful post to read . I have been taking 70grams of protein daily than 45gms I used to take . I incorporated pregnancy exercises . I used to eat grapes . I loved them . Since during pregnancy, emotional support is necessary , I used to seek it from the sources around . I used to keep my husband around me . Though this happened majorly after my miscarriage . I found him next to me that time . Since then he’s been a great idol for me . I never believed he could handle me so skilfully after I completely broke up . Coming to this topic , I used to be cheerful as much as I can during my whole episode . One thing I want to assure all mothers is that , u need to breathe more , smile more , live more . This way u can remain fit & healthy all throughout . Thank u for allowing me this opportunity to take part in sharing my words . Much grateful 😊

    Should u have the time , do check out my blog at . I hope u wouldn’t mind doing so 😊
    Wishing u all the best.
    Pray that u have a smooth one . Take care


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