Monday Sickness 

Today, I was prepared to let my daughter sleep in late and for me to walk her into school a bit after the bell rang. She wasn’t feeling good when she got home from her weekend visit with her dad and his family, out of town. I understand the feeling of exhaustion after traveling all weekend. I was taking pity. 

She woke up complaining of a stomach ache and headache. She looked dehydrated and down right awful. I checked her for a fever, none at that time. She felt warm to touch though and I could tell she wasn’t feeling great. So I made the phone call to the school, to call her out. I thought we would focus on getting her tummy ache better and keeping her hydrated. 

By noon, she was able to eat and keep it down (thank goodness! Not sure I could handle puke today). She layed back down and actually fell asleep on grandma’s lap (grandma is visiting from out of town). I kept pushing more water. Checking her tummy ache and headache. She said it was coming and going. 

By dinner time, I offered soup or pot roast (what the adults were going to eat), she chose soup and a cup of tea. I pushed another glass of water on her after dinner. She looked as though she was going to fall asleep at the table, so we asked her to go lay down. She did for awhile, while I ran to the store. She asked for ice cream which I picked up for her. 

She had a few bites, while watching TV with grandma. Soon, she took a bath and layed down. My husband went in to check on her and take the electronics (like we do every night) and she mentioned to him she had a tummy ache again and headache. We both scrambled to find her tummy meds (Children’s pepto visual chewables) and pushed another cup of water. I checked again for a fever, normal temperature, even though she is warm to touch. 

She asked for her door to stay open, which is rare for her. She is 11 and loves all her privacy. We are hoping she gets some sleep and is able to return to school tomorrow. 

As a mom, who has had mom guilt for missing work so many times for a sick kiddo, I cannot express how releived I was this morning, knowing I could stay home without calling an employer to explain I may or may not be in, I don’t have a sitter and blah blah blah. I love being a stay at home mom, who is here for my kiddo 24/7. Given, I was given this position earlier than I imagined during my pregnancy, I’m truly glad I can be here for my 11 year old. She still needs momma, even if just for a morning snuggle when she feels like crap.