2016 Fall Box of Style

The 2016 Fall Box of Style has arrived and it is so far my favorite! I couldn’t wait to open the beautiful black box as soon as it arrived on Saturday! I dug into it and slowly unwrapped each of the perfectly wrapped items inside the box.  The 2016 Fall Box of Style included 6 perfectly wrapped goodies!

I had previously mentioned one of the items, the “Hero Item”, which is so adorable. The black and white Colorblock wrap by Donni Charm is gorgeous, soft and oh so comfortable for Fall. I always love to dress in black and white pieces, they are timeless, classic looking and easy to dress up or down with any accessories. This Colorblock Wrap is perfect to accessorize with the Gatsby Wrap belt from B-Line, which is an adorable faux leather fringe belt included in the 2016 Fall Box of Style. To complete the cute outfit, the 2016 Fall box of Style has included a Tassel Bracelet by Rachel Zoe. It comes in gold, with larger links and a fringe hanging off of it. Super cute and it will go with so many other outfits as well!

This season, something new happened with one of the products being offered, I was so excited to receive my email about it though. While most of us love a red pouty lip, some of us don’t. The Box of Style took this into consideration and asked i’s customers what color they would like in their 2016 Fall Box of Style. We were given three options of a beautiful lip stain by IT Cosmetics in FULL SIZE. IT Cosmetics Vitality Lip Blush Hydrating Gloss Stain came in either a red, plum or light pink. I went for the red lip as usual. IT cosmetics also included a Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil (also full size). To be honest, I had never used an eyebrow pencil before…. After one use, I’m a fan!

To keep your look fresh and clean on the go, they have included Hollywood Fashion Secrets Lint Removing Sheets. I love lint removing sheets, they also grab dog hair! Which I feel like I’m swimming in at my house with three dogs! I love how tiny this package is, it fits perfectly in the pocket of my purse so that I can make sure my favorite outfits are dog hair free and lint free!

2016 Fall Box of Style

What I think is great about the Box of Style clothing items, majority of this stuff is one size fits most. Which I think is awesome. I’m currently pregnant and was a size 10/12 when I signed up for my yearly subscription. I panicked once I got pregnant, thinking I wouldn’t be able to use these item’s during my pregnancy and to be honest after my pregnancy (I don’t diet), however I’ve found that with each seasonal box I have received, I can still use all my products! I’m looking forward to wearing my Colorblock Wrap with the fringe belt and a cute pair of boots once the weather cools down here in the Southwest! I can only imagine my pregnant belly will be even larger, but I know I can still wear these items!

Another perk with a Box of Style, a booklet is included with your box each season which provides detailed information on how use each item. For someone like me, who lacks some fashion sense at times, this is helpful!

Total retail value of this box: $451

Breakdown of yearly subscription paid in full: $87.50 per season ($350 per the year)