Hypothyroidism While Pregnant

Thyroid disease is more common than one might think. Around 12% of american’s will have a thyroid disease in their lifetime. It is important to have your physician run the appropriate test’s to see if your symptoms are caused by a malfunctioning thyroid.

What is the thyroid? Your thyroid helps regulate hormones in your body, which affect every cell in your body.

Two common diseases associated with your thyroid are hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. I suffer with hypothyroidism, which doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormone.

My symptoms of hypothyroidism included fatigue and weight gain. Other symptoms are depression and forgetfulness.

I found out I had hypothyroidism early this year, 2016. I was suffering from major weight gain and constantly being tired, even after a good night’s rest. I had developed some painful cysts on my ovaries, after seeing my physician she ran a full panel of blood test’s to check my thyroid levels along with my other hormones. What was shocking to me, was the fact my thyroid was off just a tad. The numbers weren’t high, so that was a bit shocking. Just being off a little can really affect your body. With some trial and error of medication dosage, we got it right.

If you think you are suffering from a thyroid problem, be sure to ask your physician to check your TSH, T4 and T3, this should be included in your full thyroid panel work up. (I’m not a medical professional, I have only had these test’s checked by my physician to pinpoint my problem.)

While I know I had Hypothyroidism prior to getting pregnant, which I have been on medication to control it, it doesn’t go away once pregnant. I still take my medication, which gets tweaked once in awhile. This happens, since I have to get my blood drawn during every trimester.

During my first trimester, it seemed to be doing great! I had energy and was actually losing weight (I was overweight to begin with, so I wasn’t in danger of becoming too thin). I had severe morning sickness, which also played a HUGE part in the weight loss. Once I was nearing the second trimester, we rechecked my levels. At this time it was recommended that I space out taking my medication to only a few times a day.

I soon noticed I was so tired, I couldn’t function well. I just wanted to sleep. We rechecked  my levels, altered my medication again and I’m doing pretty well. My third trimester is coming up, we will be rechecking my thyroid levels before my next appointment. I feel like I’m doing well but it is good to keep on it.

With having hypothyroidism I have also been subjected to more ultrasounds. The reason is to keep track of babies development of course. Each month, she is measured so we can make sure she is on par with development. Thankfully, baby is right where she needs to be with development. We will continue with our monthly ultrasounds, to make sure she is growing with the accuracy of how far along I am, not to big and not to small. Don’t get me wrong I do love peeking in on her every month, just to get a glimpse of her cute little self and to be informed she looks great!

My major concern with taking medication while pregnant, was how is this going to affect my baby? I found out that children born to mothers with hypothyroidism can be born with lower IQ and impaired motor skills, which is common if hypothyroidism is not controlled during pregnancy. I have been reassured that taking my synthetic thyroid medication is safe during pregnancy and to have my levels checked routinely, which I do.

Pregnancy is never easy, as a parent already and parent to be you are constantly concerned with the growth and development of your little ones. I’m reassured with the wonderful care I receive from my midwife and I have faith this baby will be perfect!

<3, K


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