Fall Cleaning To Do List

Living in the Southwest, I welcome Fall with open arms. We are able to open our doors in the morning and evenings to let the cooler air in, spending time outdoors happens more often due to the cooler weather and I de-clutter my house after being cooped up inside most of the dreadful hot Summer.

This is my list of Fall cleaning to-do’s:

  • Cleaning out the dryer vent (So scared of a fire, so this is a priority!)
  • Purging items we don’t use (DVD’s, Books, CD’s….)
  • Vacuuming the couch (Please tell me how we get food under the cushions when we aren’t supposed to be eating in the living room)
  • Dusting, behind all the picture frames and wooden furniture with my favorite Method Cleaner I order from Grove Collaborative! (Method Wood for Good Daily Cleaner, Almond Scented)
  • Washing and Drying the curtains (Dust builds up on these, be sure to follow the directions on your curtains/drapes though! )
  • Purging closets, to donate what doesn’t fit or we won’t wear again!
  • Cleaning our yards to get ready for our Holiday decorations
  • Organizing the pantry and linen closets (We seriously neglect these)

These are the majority of things I handle during my seasonal cleaning, on top of my usual weekly household chores.

What is on your Fall cleaning to do list? Please share in the comments!