Pregnancy Cravings

As I sit here at 3:51am, waiting for my husband to return with tacos, from Jack in the Box, I wonder if anyone else has had random cravings in the night. 

With my first pregnancy, I remember driving myself to the store to get Tums, 9 months pregnant. I craved Dr. Pepper, which I don’t like (my daughter loves it) and bean and rice burritos with loads of salsa from a local restaurant in that town. But I never woke up to go get it or eat it and no way would her dad have gone out to get me anything if I did. 

This pregnancy, pregnancy number 2, my husband is so caring and kind about everything, even when I know deep down I’m being irrational and my hormones have gotten the best of me. He will do just about anything. Like going to Jack in the Box super early in the morning, even though he has to work tomorrow morning. He is so sweet and caring about it too! He doesn’t make me eat alone either! In fact, he brought up tacos from Jack in the Box and I couldn’t get them out of my head. So I blame him for this random middle of the night cravings. 

Don’t get me wrong, I have had some pretty strong cravings this pregnancy, things I normally don’t eat, which I will go get or if he asks if we need anything on his way home, he will pick up. This whole middle of the night thing is crazy, so unlike me. 

Tacos are good, anytime of the day or night though. 

During your pregnancy or wife’s pregnancy, what where the random cravings or middle of the night runs for you?