Santa isn’t Real but we Still Believe in Christmas Magic

My 11 year old has insisted Santa is coming this year. I looked at her and asked “Really?”. She looked at me with that ever so famous smirk of hers and said “Yes”.

Okay kid, we’ve been through this a couple years now. Lose the act. She did, but then insisted we have to pretend with her baby sister on the way that there is a Santa and she is insisting we do an Elf on the Shelf for her sister. I obliged. No big deal, I carried on the Santa act for about 10 years. I’m over it, give me this year off, please. Give us parent’s the credit.

But not believing in Santa doesn’t mean we don’t believe in Christmas magic. Christmas magic is all around, I love decorating our home inside and out. We put up a Christmas tree, holiday decorations  and we have a countdown to the big day on the wall. Which I do just for my daughter. We make Christmas cookies, treats and homey Holiday meals all month long.

The Christmas magic is alive for us, regardless if I’m pregnant and incredibly tired, we enjoy this time of year. Regardless if my almost 12 year old believes or not in the fat man in a red suit just to get a present. Regardless if she doesn’t get everything she want’s for Christmas. That’s not the point here. We believe in the magic of Christmas. The season of giving. We are more about giving than receiving. We are more about spending time as a family, than insisting on the latest trendy toy, outfit or electronic. (Trust me, she still asks for the latest thing, reality is, it isn’t going to happen).

Our Christmas pictures went out December 1st. We purchased toys for Tots for Tots and my daughter walked them up to the Firehouse herself and donated them. We drop change in the red buckets with the hard working bell ringers. We buy cute gifts for our family members and wrap them up and ship them off. My daughter picks out small things for her friends to give and we always say thank you no matter what we get! We donate what we can, we appreciate every card sent our way and we try

To me, that is Christmas magic.

So no, we won’t be writing a letter to Santa this year, my husband and I have verbally heard everything she wants for herself and everyone else she wants to gift too. Nor do we have an Elf on the Shelf this year to move around from corner to corner with silly antics, but we have family, we have love, we are able to give and we have our Christmas magic.

What makes your holiday’s special?