Making Way for Baby

As my due date approaches in less than a month, I’m trying my best to prepare our home for our little one’s arrival. With my my husband working over 65 hours a week, I feel it is up to me to keep things going in our house, for as long as I physically can. However, when baby comes, I want to make this easy on my husband.

So I’ve made myself a list!

1.) Laundry. I’m doing laundry about every other day, so that it doesn’t get overwhelming on myself or anyone else.

2.) Keeping the freezer stocked up. This is with simple things, nobody will have to really think about. If I happen to go into labor soon, they can just pop that in and I don’t have to dictate a recipe. I had hoped to make our favorite meals ahead of time in mass quantities, but reality is I’m too tired to do this, so frozen meals to the rescue.

3.) Keeping the fridge stocked with basic staples we all need and eat . Milk, eggs, yogurt, cheese, bread and so forth. Makes it easy to grab something with protein!

4.) Pantry stock pile! I’m notorious to buy things in bulk and or several quantities if it’s a good deal, so I’ve been scoping out deals on our pantry staples. You can never have enough cereal, peanut butter or pasta on stock! Which makes for quick meals, easy snacks and everyone is happy!

5.) Keeping toiletries in stock is a must. I don’t know why, but I’m obsessed with keeping toilet paper in stock at all times. When we get down to 5 rolls in the house, I panic. So I’ve always been good at keeping toilet paper on hand in each bathroom, but I’ve kicked that up a notch to fully stock my daughter with what she may need in the next month or two (My husband thanked me), along with shampoo and conditioner, soaps, dish soaps, household cleaners and so forth on hand. Again, just trying to make it simple!

6.) Cleaning. Oh the cleaning has taken a toll on this pregnant body but I have to do it. My house is normally picked up, but it’s the regular cleaning that needs to be done. Vacuuming, wiping down counters, sinks, dusting, picking up dog toys, bones out of the way and scrubbing bathrooms. My husband and kiddo sure help with alot of the tasks, but I’m a doer not a watcher….So I do as much as I can, before i give in to them doing things.

7.) Clean out the car. My husband did this for me, before he installed the car seat base. He washed it, vacuumed it and picked up all my tote bags for shopping.

8.) Baby clothes and blankets are a must before this bundle of joy arrives home. I washed all her blankets and clothes (up to 3 months) a week ago and put them away.

9.) Bags are packed. All our bags are packed and ready to roll out! I’ve checked our list several times and it appears we have everything we need in them! We also have the car seat base installed, with the car seat sitting next to our bags.