Jeans are Overrated Anyways

I’m a jean person, those are my go to pants when I’m not pregnant and even while I have been pregnant.  I love jeans, they are so comfortable, I prefer those before slacks any day! I have several pairs of jeans but I have a few that I wear all the time, when I’m not pregnant. I’ve also accumulated several pairs while pregnant, with that great maternity stretch band.

I just love jeans, you can dress them up or you can dress them down. I love the distressed skinny jeans, those are my normal go to, pregnant or not. Plus with all the vibrant colors they have now, how can you not love them? I think my favorite pre pregnancy jean are the red pair I have that are skinny and distressed. My favorite pregnancy pair are the skinny jeans that are distressed by the Jessica Simpson brand, from Motherhood Maternity.

HOWEVER, as I have entered the last month of this pregnancy, I have found I hate jeans. I’m wearing either my maternity yoga pants or maternity leggings. Which to most people is fine, but I’m the type of person who will not wear these on a regular basis when not pregnant. Leggings yes, if accompanied with a cute tunic or dress. Yoga pants are for yoga or running or Sunday, if I don’t leave the house.

You will not catch me in sweatpants outside of my house, unless I’m working out, I’m very sick, headed to the hospital because I’m that sick, I’ve been up with a sick child all night or apparently if I’m 9 months pregnant.

So I declare from now on that jeans are overrated, I will not be wearing any, any time soon… least until I can get back into my favorite skinny jeans!