Celebrating Holiday’s 

As I prepare to celebrate our Christmas tomorrow with SJ, our oldest, on Christmas Eve, I’m reminded how hard it can be to “share” your precious child with their other parent. Of course I want him to spend time with her, I just hate she isn’t with me on a holiday.

I want nothing more than her to celebrate with us both, but that will never happen under one roof again. So we split the holidays every year, through an arrangement with the court. As a kid, I could see how this is kinda cool, you get two Christmases, two celebrations with family. 

I guess it’s not too different, from celebrating before a divorce. We would celebrate with my exes family one day and my family another. 

Regardless of having to pick her up or drop her off on Christmas Eve, we make it all as special as possible. So what, we have to celebrate it early this year. Next year, she gets to celebrate Christmas morning with her baby sister. 

Today, we pretended it was was Christmas Eve, instead of it being Christmas Eve Eve… We baked a dessert for our Christmas dinner, which we will have tomorrow. She got to pick one gift to open after dinner to open. We were going to look at Christmas lights, but momma tuckered out. So instead she is watching TV with her Baba (stepdad) while I type this and randomly stare at all the stocking stuffers I need to put in stockings…..

As a tween, she may not feel this is always fair, I get it. But we are doing the best we can on both sides to ensure she has a happy holiday and lots of love. 

If you are having to split your holidays after divorce or maybe you do something else? Please share.

Merry Christmas (Eve Eve )