New Years Eve 2017

As 2016 comes to an end, I’m glad to reflect on the year we have had.

We all have our ups and downs throughout each year, some years are really trying than others. I know for myself, emotionally, this year has been rough.

I struggled with some major discomfort and pain earlier this year, with a cyst on my right ovary. I later found out I have hypothyroidism, which I have since been prescribed medication to keep my symptoms down.

I left a job I enjoyed, went on the hunt for another job that would pay more due to our finances, I was offered two separate jobs within the same week and I took the job with more money, which was challenging at first, due to the dismay the position was left in, but at the time we felt it was best for us financially.

I soon found out I was pregnant, FINALLY. This pregnancy has been the highlight of my year. My husband and I had been trying since August 2015, to conceive a child together, but things just weren’t happening. Finally, it did. We were so joyous to find out, it was just a whirlwind of emotions.

Our emotions were put on the line, in early June, when I was having alot of pain in my stomach, my husband rushed me to the hospital. We were informed that they could not locate a heart beat for the baby, so they asked us to return the next day to do an ultrasound and another blood count of the HCG. I also had a bladder infection from hell, going on. We returned the next morning, our blood count of the HCG was lower, but we saw baby on an ultrasound machine and heard her heartbeat. However, the doctor informed us with the HCG levels dropping, to prepare for a miscarriage. I left, went home to rest and was struggling taking it all in. That night, I started spotting and we rushed back to the hospital. The doctor who saw me was so incredibly nice, he checked to see if my cervix had opened, it had not thankfully. The HCG levels were still low, but baby was doing fine according to the ultrasound. I was advised to go home, rest and see my midwife when her offices opened that Monday.

My amazing midwife saw me that Monday, she put me on bed rest after going over all my lab work from the hospital. My emotions were high and I was so scared to lose this baby growing inside me, my husband and I decided I would quit my job, due to the stress. I was to stay home, be on bed rest as long as I needed to be and we would manage one way or another.

Managing a household on one income is challenging, I’ve learned to coupon, take advantage of sales and going without my materialistic wants. (most days)

We got the okay for me to travel by plane for a wedding. We were so glad to see my husband’s sister marry her best friend this Summer! My husband and I celebrated two years of marriage as well!

SJ, my 11 year old, started 6th grade. Oh man did I cry. I can’t believe this is her last year in Elementary School. Where oh where did the time go?!  She also made the decision to quit gymnastics this winter. I made her think about it, for a couple weeks, I listened to her reasoning and tried to talk her out of it, but it came down to her just not enjoying it, being burnt out and not wanting to go. So we let her make that decision. She is on a break from sports and wants to take up art, until Middle School. As long as she is in an activity she enjoys, that’s all I care about.

We found out the sex of our baby on the way, we’ve had several ultrasounds, to make sure she is A-Okay, due to my hypothyroidism. We are expecting a baby girl in mid January. So, I’m waiting, expecting her in the next couple weeks. I’m getting pretty impatient here…

With that, we have had an eventful year, we are looking forward to what 2017 has in store for our family!

Happy New Year to you and yours, I hope you are safe and have fun!

Cheers to 2017