Wusic Heartbeat Doppler

One of the best gifts I have received while being pregnant, is the Wusic Heartbeat Doppler. This has allowed myself and spouse to listen to our little ones heartbeat, kicks and movements.

I know that there are many home heartbeat doppler’s on the market, however what I find so impressive with the Wusic,  is you can start using it in the 2nd trimester, while most others are recommended not to be used until the 3rd trimester. This picks up on babies heartbeat and his/her movements in the womb can be heard too. I know our little one does not like me touching my belly and often kicks me away, (She does this while I’m at the doctors office as well….) but it is such a joy to listen to her heartbeat.

The Wusic heartbeat doppler was a gift from my mother, I received another brand that I couldn’t use until later in my pregnancy, so my mom said return it I found a great one on Amazon.com. She sent it to out house, along with conductive gel. (The blue gel they use on your belly for ultrasounds at the OBGYN) However, once reading the instructions, you can use the Wusic Heartbeat Doppler with any type of gel/lotion. We tried it with aloe vera, it totally works! (Plus you can rub the aloe vera into your belly to help soothe any dry skin!)

When we opened the box of the Wusic heartbeat doppler, we pulled out the doppler, a splitter for the headphones so both my spouse and I can listen at the same time, a cord to connect to our computer to record the heartbeat and a free download for a personalized song for our little one. I am so pleased with this product and to be able to share the joys with my spouse and my oldest daughter of listening to our babies heartbeat is amazing.

The device is so simple to use, really it is. They include instructions of course, but really it is easy as 1,2,3! Put the batteries in, turn it on, plug in headphones or adapter with headphones for two to listen too. Use aloe vera of the conductive gel on your belly (they give you a diagram in the instructions on where the best spot to listen too, according to how far you are in your pregnancy). Then listen in!

I included their website here, if you are interested in ordering one for yourself!

All opinions expressed on this blog are my own. I received this item as a gift during my pregnancy, from a family member. This blog is not sponsored, endorsed or an ad. Simply my own opinions on a product I truly enjoy.