Fetal Monitoring

Yesterday at my weekly doctors appointment, we were discussing any pains and discomforts. Well at 38 weeks, of course I brought up everything that has been going on, in the past week and then I was asked if I’m doing fetal counts.

Well, I had to think about this. Yes, I have felt her move. Yes, I have listened to her heartbeat at home, but should I be doing more?

Did you know you are to time your babies movements in utero? You need to know how long it takes to get 10 movements. AND hiccups don’t count I was informed, which this little baby gets randomly.

Well, without being able to answer when I last felt her move that morning, my amazing midwife recommended hooking me up to the fetal monitoring machine, just to give us a peace of mind. I was hooked up to the fetal monitoring machine for 20 minutes. This kept track of my contractions and the babies movements along with her heartbeat.

Fetal Monitoring Machine; Top strap monitors my contractions; bottom strap monitors baby heartbeat and movements

I’m happy to announce, she was doing perfectly fine! She isn’t moving nearly as much, due to being head down and in position to arrive soon! We picked up a contraction on the monitor as well.













If you have any concerns, ever, with the movement of your baby, please go be seen by your physician so they can assess the situation. Sometimes we get busy and just don’t pay attention or baby is not facing outward, but sometimes it can be something very serious.