Labor and Delivery

Friday, January 6th, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I did my morning routine, then went back to bed and slept until almost 1pm. 

At that point I decided I would take a bath. I had been having cramps most of the night before and that day. As I leaned over to grab a lighter, to light my scented candle, I felt it. 

Something hit my leg, and I honestly thought I peed a little. But it wasn’t pee, it wasn’t my water breaking either. My mucus plug fell out. Eewww. If you’ve experienced this, you know that the eewww, is eewww. If not, well don’t Google the images….(I made that mistake). Just imagine a big booger. 

I decided to shower instead of having a relaxing bath. I then realized I was in labor, those cramps I had been feeling, were in fact contractions. Oye. I informed my husband, “Hey something is going down, I appear to be in labor!” He decided he would come home and take care of me. At this point, it was almost time to go get my oldest daughter from school. 

I’ve got this, I thought to myself, turn the seat warmers on high, stay focused. It’s not that bad. Just an occasional contraction. We will be fine. I drove to her school, waited in the parent pick up line. Talked to my mom off and on, while waiting. I informed her I was in labor, doesn’t seem urgent and it was upto them when they wanted to come. 

On our way home from school, I had a painful contraction and informed my daughter everything was fine and momma was in labor. She was so excited, the day was finally here, she was going to be a big sister. Once we got home, I explained I was going to go lay down until Daniel got home. Once my husband got home, I was up and working on my laptop, passing time. He went to get me something to eat for dinner, since I remembered I hadn’t eaten that day, because I had been napping. 

We went to the hospital early, too early. I was still able to talk through my contractions, I felt it was too early, but my husband kept insisting. We went to labor and delivery, they set me up to watch the contractions and listen for baby, then the nurse checked me. 

1 1/2 cm. Seriously?! I was 1 cm yesterday! That’s it?! I knew we would be sent  home. Which we were. Okay fine, I will labor at home some more, which is what I initially wanted to do. 

Sometime around 11pm, my folks arrived from out of town. My mom came in to check on me, then they went to sleep. I was so thankful they would be there for my oldest daughter, when she woke the next day, since shit was starting to get even more real. 

By 2am on 1/7/17, I had enough and wanted to go back to the hospital. My husband had been with me in our room, as I labored from the time we had gotten home the night before. I was in tears, I was certain things had progressed well. 

Once at the hospital, in labor and delivery, I got hooked up to a machine that would check my contractions and listen for baby. Once again I got checked, by the same nurse.  

2 1/2 cm !!!!! What the fuck?! You are kidding me?! I’m not going home, I thought! You can’t make me!! Oh but they can. Thankfully, she monitored me for a 1/2 hour, prior to calling my midwife. My midwife decided to have me admitted, since I needed a round of antibiotics for the positive group B Strep. (More on that later)

Once admitted, the nurse attempted to stick me with a needle for the IV of fluids and antibiotics. After blowing two of my veins, they called an ER nurse who is very experienced at this… Good times. (2 weeks later, still a bruise on my left hand)

I labored some more, walking the hallway (not realizing my ass was sticking out, the nurse came over to cover me up with another hospital gown). Labeling in the hallways went on for awhil, but it was a good thing. I was stuck to a bed and better yet, I didn’t need a catheter! It got to the point my knees were about to buckle in pain, yet again, my amazing husband was right there with me. At one point, while in my labor room, I started to itch all over my head and scalp, it started to move to my face. Fuck this, I’m having an allergic reaction to the antibiotics. It was a similar feeling, I’ve broken out into an allergic reaction before, with penicillin. But this was something new. Something that was supposed to work. The nurse unhooked the antibiotics, gave me a benedryl to take and things started to improve. (Yes, benedryl, before I needed to push a human out of me, because like most people, it makes me drowsy!)

I was checked again, I had only dialated to a 4. I wanted an epidural. Fuck this. It hurts too bad, my knees are buckling when I get a contraction while standing or walking. I’m crying, in pain. Wait, what?!?! 4 cm, that’s it?! Oh FML! 

Here comes the good looking anesthesiologist to administer my epidural (seriously, good looking). He was so nice, easy on the eyes and very informative. (Such a different experience than what I had, when I delivered my oldest daughter) He asked if I had any questions before going, no dude, just make the pain stop, I’m a wimp, I can’t handle this. Once the epidural was administered, I felt NOTHING. Seriously, not one contraction. Just all the pressure. Oh but here comes the catheter, ugh. 

After I received the epidural, I napped. I woke up with tons of pressure and then my water broke (or I had peed myself, one cannot be to sure when you have no feeling, anywhere below the waist). I told my husband, who was resting on the couch in the room and he informed the nurse, who then checked me. I was at 9 cm. Yes!!! She called my amazing midwife, who was then on her way. 

Holy fuck, we’re having a baby!!! My husband texted my folks, who were at home with my daughter SJ. They were going to bring her up, to wait for the arrival of her sister. 

When my amazing midwife arrived, she asked me to push a couple times, to see how close baby was to her entrance into the big scary world and at this time she decided to let me sit up and have gravity work a bit. So we did that until 11 AM, which only ended up being about 10 minutes or so. At 11 AM, I was going to start pushing. (Cringe in agony)

My husband thought he was going to stand by my head to coach me. Sorry sweetie, grab a foot and hold my leg. The awesome nurse I had most of the morning grabbed my other leg and I started pushing each time I had a contraction, which was hard to do, because that epidural was doing an awesome job at masking my pain. I could feel pressure, so that was my que to go. Bear down, grunt, pretend you are taking the biggest poop EVER and PUSH baby, push. At this point, I didn’t care if I crapped while pushing, as women, we always worry it may happen and it may, but who cares. You are bringing a human into this world. (I did ask later if I crapped, my husband says no and so did my midwife. I’m pretty sure they are just being nice).

It took 11 minute’s to push my beautiful daughter into this world. I remember saying “Holy fuck, I can’t do this!” When we got to her shoulders. Let me tell you, that was a point I seriously panicked and freaked out (bit my lip pushing too). I knew I needed to push harder and make sure she got out ASAP. When she arrived, she was placed on my belly and I just couldn’t believe it! Finally, after waiting to get pregnant and going through my pregnancy, my baby was here. My husband teared up (okay he was crying), I just couldn’t take my eyes off of her, this beautiful baby. 
As I was finishing my labor, passing my placenta and seeing if I needed stitches (I did not) the pediatrician nurses took our little girl to be weighed, measured and checked over in the same room we were in, my very proud husband followed to take pictures.

7 pounds 11 ounces, 21 inches, born at 11:11 AM on January 7th, 2017, Charlotte Rose Mitchell came into our lives. She is a beautiful baby girl, now two weeks old. 
My husband and I are so proud of her and so is her big sister.