I Lost my Battle with Lularoe….

Let me explain how this happened after first declaring I was anti-Lularoe BS for awhile. 

Since EARLY 2016, I have been invited to so many Lularoe parties! For my first Lularoe invite, sadly I couldn’t attend. Then, I got invited to another and another. Before I knew it, every damn Facebook event I had was a freaking Lularoe party! 

No! No! No! I don’t need $25 leggings that “feel like buttah”!!! I don’t want to look at that cute dress or maxi skirt in person or try it on. Leave me alone and lularoe the fuck off! 

But then, this past week, I had a weakness. I had been invited to yet another Lularoe online party. I was nursing the little one so I had one hand free and I figured I would just scroll through all the 1001 post’s of funky prints. 

Oh wow, that’s cute. I thought. Next Facebook post….

Then I was tagged on Facebook to enter a contest. Sure, why the fuck not.

 Oh snap, I won! 

Then I got tagged on Facebook, again, for another contest. I won that one too. 

Well, if I have $10 off, I might as well shop. I’m nursing, again, why not. Oh those are cute. 

So I messaged the host, asking how the hell do I order a pair, I’m in between sizes since popping this baby out. She gave me her recommendations. I obliged and went to “claim” these cute leggings….

I do love them. I don’t know if it’s the print I love more or the way they feel. They also make my butt look good. That means alot to me. I’m all about that ass…. 

I’m not going to sell you on their softness, uniqueness or that they “feel like buttah”. I will tell you, I am now addicted and want all the leggings with funky and cute prints. I will tell you, the person selling these to you, is just trying to make a living. I will tell you that the outfit you pick is going to be amazing and unique, just like you. And if you don’t like the leggings, mail them to me. 

So if I have intrigued your interest and you are going to come to the bright, funky printed and uniqueness loving Lularoe side, check out my friends online group here. Or email her, here

Seriously, like buttah…… #Lularoe 

*A note from Joni: Free leggings for hosting. (Keep that addiction strong). Free item for every ten sold (any item) 30%off any additional items you purchase. 50% an item for every person who hosts a party from your party. 50% has to be used at their party. The lularoe culture is about loving and giving and bringing together women. Personal styling and face to face customer service is how they do business. Consultants do online parties but you can’t beat the experience of the home pop up. Friends trying on clothes with friends and enjoying some wine and tunes! It really boosts your confidence when you feel good. Plus this business has allowed over 30,000 consultants and their husbands quit their 9-5 and be home with their kids full time. One more thing…same price for every woman’s size!!! No gouging for plus sizes.

If you have any further questions about Lularoe please contact Joni or Gayle at:  Lularoegayleandjoni@gmail.com