Simple Cookie Dessert

Are you in a crunch to make an adorable dessert? My oldest daughter and I created a simple and delicious cookie concoction in minutes, before it was time for a get together. Using pre-made ingredients makes this so simple and it looks like you put a bit of thought into your recipe!

Makes 12 Cookie Sandwiches


  • Pillsbury Ready to Bake Sugar Cookies (24 Count) – We did an Easter theme
  • Frosting of your choice – We chose Vanilla
  • Sprinkles, lots and lots of Sprinkles



  • Cookie Sheet
  • Spatula
  • Piping bag or butter knife to spread frosting
  • Small dish/bowl to hold sprinkles


  1. Bake the cookies according to package
  2. Once cookies are cool, frost 12 of them. We used a Wilton frosting kit, using a butter knife would totally work too.
  3. Top the 12 frosted cookies, with the remaining cookies.
  4. Roll the sides of the cookie sandwiches (with frosting poking out a bit) in the sprinkles.
  5. Enjoy!

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