The B Line

Over the weekend our family was in Tucson, AZ for some family events. We had decided to go out to lunch and it was up to our oldest daughter to choose a place this time. This could go one of two ways. 1.) She picks something only she likes, like a chain Chinese restaurant.  2.) She surprises us and picks a local restaurant.

I’m not saying I had much pull in this, but I did text her a link with the “Top Ten Restaurants in Tucson”. I was being hopeful she would choose something from there so we don’t have to eat at her favorite place. SURPRISE!! She chose a local fav from the list, The B Line.

It is located in downtown Tucson, near the university at 621 N 4th Avenue. I searched the menu, prior to arriving, so that I had an idea of what to expect. (Whatever, I’m weird like that and I’m totally glad I did.) The restaurant is busy and I’m the type of person who has to read pretty much the whole menu prior to ordering. The menu is a large chalk board on the wall with everything written down (kinda hard to read when it’s so busy and you are toting two kids). They also have a collection of delicious desserts in a rotating pie case, I avoided that at all costs.

When we pulled up, my husband and I agreed we weren’t trendy enough to be here, however we trucked on through the door with our newborn and tween. When you walk in, you notice that there is bar stool seating at large windows, a few high top tables and a few tables off to the side of the ordering counter. The young guy at the counter was super nice and friendly, easy to talk too and had a warmness about him. We placed our orders, sadly our family didn’t venture out too far with our orders and we ordered pretty much the same thing. I ordered a carne asada burrito, our daughter SJ had the same thing except without pico de gallo and my husband ordered a mahi mahi burrito. The drink choices were bottled sodas, tea or water.

Our burritos arrived, however my daughter’s and mine were switched so she ate about 1/4 of mine before realizing there was pico de gallo in it…. Once we switched she was happy as a clam. Our daughter said “They should open a restaurant in Disneyland, it is so good!”

The burritos have carne asada, pico de gallo, mexican rice and veggies, wrapped in a delicious tortilla. They come with a side of chips and homemade salsa. My husband ate the mahi mahi burrito, he said it was the best fish burrito he has ever had!


The atmosphere is trendy and bustling with a variety of people, from young college students, families and couples. We enjoyed the delicious food and the service was excellent. The B Line offers more than burritos though, they do have tacos, pasta bowls, sandwiches and salads. They also offer breakfast before 11AM during the week and until noon on the weekends.

The menu is diverse and caters to many people, vegetarians included! The food is delicious and priced well for all that you get on your plate. If you are near the downtown Tucson area check out The B Line!


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