Seventh Generation New Baby Sample Kit

I love all things Seventh Generation. Some products more than others, but I’m in absolute love with the new Seventh Generation Coconut Care collection they have baby!

We have purchased their diapers since our little one was born, which we absolutely love! The diapers are chemical free, chlorine free, fragrance free. No lotions are added to the diapers to make them appear soft, they just are soft. I love how durable they are. There is nothing like a leaky diaper in the middle of the night to wake up baby (or the whole house for that matter). We’ve also have dealt with a few “blow outs” while traveling, yet these diapers don’t let a THING out! It’s amazing. It’s almost like they are magic. A magic leak proof diaper. I also love how these diapers pull away the wetness. That is just amazing, how my daughter’s skin isn’t damp when she pees in a Seventh Generation diaper. Again, magic….


I love the Seventh Generation Free & Clear Baby wipes. They are so sturdy, I don’t have to worry about getting ANYTHING on my hands when I use these. I have tried other baby wipes, per a recommendation of a friend and I totally regret purchasing those wipes in bulk, because I ended up wasting them. I would have to use 10 wipes to clean a poopy diaper, compared to one or two of the Seventh Generation Free & Clear Baby wipes. My sample kit provided me two wipes, in a sample pouch and I just love them. Seriously best baby wipe on the  market! You can order your’s on Amazon Prime, which makes life so much more simple!

The Coconut Care collection is wonderful and we were eager to try it out! It is complete with Shampoo, Lotion and Diaper cream. All of the Coconut Care Collection products are made with organic coconut oil, USDA certified Biobased, cruelty free products and pediatrician tested for your little one’s use. I love how gentle the products are on my little girls skin, I think these are great for a babies delicate fresh skin. The Coconut Care products do have a slight coconut scent. The lotion is easy to apply, it has a very smooth consistency. We do love the shampoo, my only complaint on that is the pump does not pop back up after each pump, so I have to manually do that. The diaper cream is a little oily, but that helps protect from any diaper rash! We have been using it for 3 of our daughter’s 4 months of life and she has not had a diaper rash!

I received the following items for free in my New Baby Welcome Kit:

  • 2 Free & Clear Size 2 Seventh Generation Diapers
  • Free & Clear Sample of Seventh Generation Baby Wipes
  • Seventh Generation Coconut Care Lotion
  • Coupons for a discount on full size products

We received a Seventh Generation New Baby Sample Kit for free, for the purpose of my review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

Saying Goodbye to Elementary School

Today was a BIG day in our family. My oldest, SJ, has completed 6th grade in Elementary School and was promoted onto Middle School. 

We celebrated with her at school, where she received a promotion certificate and a Citizen of the Quarter award. I’m proud of her, mostly because she has dreaded 6th grade, was barely passing her math class and finally brought that grade up! She worked hard, with lots of tears, frustrated attitudes and regular tween attitude.

SJ also had a huge life change middle of the year, she lost the title of “only child” in January and then soon after that found out she was going to be getting another sibling on her dad’s side of the family. Followed by her stepdad (my husband), transferring jobs which is resulting into another move this summer. But she has handled it all like a champ. 

I’m so excited for her to trek new grounds but nervous for her as well. She doesn’t make friends the easiest, has reservations about approaching others  but I hope she blooms. I hope she shines in the next couple years of middle school. We hope the 2017/2018 school year will be great! 

The Noggle

I don’t know if you have heard of this ingenious invention, The Noggle. It is absolutely the greatest thing ever, if you don’t have AC vents in your back seat.

I had put this on our baby registry, while I was pregnant, even though my husband said we didn’t need one for the SUV. Oh but we do. I know being in the backseat is dreadful if there aren’t any air vents, however to be facing the other way, blocked by a car seat would be even worse. Especially since it is “Summer Weather” 9 out of the 12 months in Southern Arizona.

We went to a few different stores in Tucson, looking for The Noggle. It was such a popular item, however most places don’t carry it in store, but online. Look, it was 95 degrees outside, we needed this in order to survive at this point. We finally found it at a boutique baby store, paid for it and installed it in the parking lot. I could feel cold air in the back seat finally while sitting next to the baby in the car seat. We had it pointed towards her, but I was reaping the benefits too. Needless to say, we made it home calmly.

I chose the 6 foot Noggle, they also come in an 8 foot option. We felt this would work best for our family, if you are to purchase look at the difference to see what is best for you and yours. We can now enjoy our Summer road trips with a cooler car for everyone!

Just so you don’t have to drive all around town this summer looking for The Noggle, I have included a link to order one on Amazon!

This review is based on my own opinions and contains affiliate links with Amazon.

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! If you are a mother, you deserve to be celebrated today! I have been a mother since 2005. I don’t remember my first Mother’s day, honestly some day just run into one another. This year I’m celebrating with both my beautiful girls.

PicsArt_05-13-09.53.48I wasn’t entirely sure I ever wanted to be a mother. I was raised by a single mom, I saw how hard she worked and I knew I wanted different things in life than doing the daily grind. I’m so thankful for my mother, she has been such a rock in my life, through all my ups and downs. I wasn’t always the easiest kid to get along with, but she was such a great role model.

I became a mother pretty young, ripe age of 19. I couldn’t believe it. I know I wasn’t ready, but I’ve always been a little bit more mature than others my age. I had no choice but to stay that way.

Samantha at age 3

When I delivered my oldest daughter, I was shocked, elated, blessed, surprised, happy,  loved and just had a whirl wind of emotions. It was so amazing and lovely. I never knew how much you could love somebody, until that moment. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me, especially at the age of 19. Now fast forward to her being 12, she is still such a blessing and joy. We don’t always get along, but god I love that girl.

I knew I wanted more children someday, it just didn’t seem like it was going to happen. When my husband and I met, Samantha was already 6 years old. That seemed like such a large gap for any future children, and there was no way we were having a kid so soon. Once we were married and felt settled, we decided to start trying and after 9 months, got pregnant with our little one.

Charlotte 1 day old

When I delivered our daughter, it was the most amazing, beautiful, crazy, love at first sight feeling all over again. I couldn’t believe the amount of love I felt for this little girl. It felt like a crazy emotional roller coaster from the moment I got pregnant, to this long awaited delivery of this baby. Now, I’m a mom of two girls. Two beautiful, amazing little girls.

My two beautiful girls

Seeing my two girls together soon after her delivery, was a whole new wave of emotion. I love both of my girls and even though being a mother is absolutely the most terrifying, emotional and tiring job I will ever have, I couldn’t imagine my life any other way.

Mothering is tiring, as fuck. It is exhausting, relentless at times. Someday’s I feel like I’m spent by 9am! I’m physically exhausted after a day of chores, nursing my little one and driving the older one to and from everything but when they smile at me, I melt and I’m thankful for everything about them. Parenting a newborn and a tween, man it’s a trip and they aren’t always thankful for me or appreciative BUT I couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my life.

Happy Mother’s Day, I hope you are blessed with someone to do the laundry for you today! 

Summer Scents from Grove Collaborative

My husband and I love to entertain and with Summer fast approaching, we have so many events to plan for. So far we have a promotion ceremony for our oldest, my birthday, Father’s day, a goodbye celebration before we move and of course once we move we will be celebrating that with a BBQ and getting to know our new neighbors. We also planned on having a celebration before school is back in full swing this August with family from out of town.

I’m not stressed, do I look stressed?! I love that I can count on Grove Collaborative to automatically send my favorite cleaning supplies directly to my door. I get a reminder email a few days prior so I an add or remove items. Then bam, it’s at my front door and I didn’t have to put ANY effort into purchasing them. This Summer we are celebrating the beautiful scent’s summer brings with Mrs. Meyer’s.

If you sign up now with Grove Collaborative here, you will receive the following items for FREE, after spending $20 picking out your already favorite products!

  • Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Multi Surface Spray
  • Grove Collaborative Bubble Up
  • Free Shipping & 60 Day VIP Trial

Existing customers will receive free Grove Walnut Scrubber Sponges

You can choose from the three summer scents available, which are Honeysuckle, Basil and Radish. I love all three!

Having the VIP status, provides me with free shipping on my monthly orders and I also receive 4 free gifts throughout the year along with personal service from one of the amazing employees.

I’m excited for our Summer plans and stoked to use summer scents to keep my home clean, for all our guests! Head over to the Grove Collaborative and sign up today, the offer ends May 14th, 2017 at 6PM!

This article contains affiliate links.