Saying Goodbye to Elementary School

Today was a BIG day in our family. My oldest, SJ, has completed 6th grade in Elementary School and was promoted onto Middle School. 

We celebrated with her at school, where she received a promotion certificate and a Citizen of the Quarter award. I’m proud of her, mostly because she has dreaded 6th grade, was barely passing her math class and finally brought that grade up! She worked hard, with lots of tears, frustrated attitudes and regular tween attitude.

SJ also had a huge life change middle of the year, she lost the title of “only child” in January and then soon after that found out she was going to be getting another sibling on her dad’s side of the family. Followed by her stepdad (my husband), transferring jobs which is resulting into another move this summer. But she has handled it all like a champ. 

I’m so excited for her to trek new grounds but nervous for her as well. She doesn’t make friends the easiest, has reservations about approaching others  but I hope she blooms. I hope she shines in the next couple years of middle school. We hope the 2017/2018 school year will be great!