Let’s Make Packing Simple

We are getting ready to move into a new home very soon.  We have been so busy packing and sorting things I thought I would share with you, just how I have kept it simple in all the chaos!

Get Organized. Easier said than done, I know. I live in my own organized disaster where I know where something is, even if it is  under papers, boxes or clothes. One way to help me get organized is to have a box ready for donations, a bag for garbage and a box for stuff you may want to sell at a yard sale site, your own yard sale or at a consignment shop.

Get your supplies ready. Now when I say get your supplies ready, everyone’s supply necessities may be different. I will list a few basics. For me it is necessary to have all the boxes I need ready to go in my garage (My husband even put them all together so that I can just grab and pack when the baby is asleep). Packing Tape. More tape and even more tape just in case. You can use one of those hand held tape guns, or just a roll of tape. A big black sharpie to write on the boxes. Scissors. Packing bubbles and/or newspaper. Labeling your boxes is key, this early on.

Pack away. I start packing our off season items first. For instance, winter coats were packed away the first day of May. I then proceeded to pack away knick knacks and books, followed by DVD’s, CD’s and other items I knew we weren’t going to use anytime soon. I have only had to go into one box to grab my rolling pin!

Storage is necessary. You won’t necessarily have to go out and rent a storage space, for me I have been using half of my garage to store all my packed up boxes. This way, I pack and move it along, out of my way.

Host a Garage Sale or Donate. At this point, when you have sorted through everything you want to get rid of, host your garage sale or donate the items earlier, rather than at the last minute. This way, you earn some extra cash and you free up your valuable space, along with having less clutter.

That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing now for over a month! We are now down to the last few items in our freezer and just trying to keep everything clean before our move!

Are you a moving pro? Do you have any tips to share? Comment below!