When a well known company disappoints…

As some of you may know, we recently bought a new to us house. We knew the house needed some work, one of the main focuses for us was to get out carpet’s cleaned prior to our move in date this past weekend. I had contacted Chem Dry of Green Valley, AZ and the technician informed me he doesn’t clean stairs. I then contacted Stanley Steemer, in Tucson and scheduled my appointment all online, like I have once before.

I scheduled the appointment a month prior to our closing date, with enough wiggle room to reschedule if needed. We had it all set, I had my confirmation via email stating the date and promotion rate. My husband and I packed up the little one and headed down bright and early Saturday, June 17th, to get our carpets cleaned and to clean a few walls and repair a few things. We expected to stay all day, loaded enough waters, snacks and entertainment for the little one. We also had our Pack ‘n Play with us, just in case we needed to set her down.

I got a phone call the day prior to confirm the appointment, from 12 – 3 pm. I relayed to the lady on the phone, “Great, that is perfect!”. The day of, I got a phone call that the carpet tech is running behind because the customer prior to ours, added on several items and will arrive closer to 3:30 pm. Again, “No problem, I will be here”. Come 4pm, my husband gives them a call and was told by the customer service rep “I will have the tech call you!” At 5 to 5pm, I call and ask where they are and was greeted with “Oh did the tech not call you?” Obviously no one has contacted us or shown up. The customer service rep then asked what she could do and if she could reschedule. “Have someone show up now or you won’t be getting my business at all.” The customer service rep then asked to reschedule and I stated I will just be canceling my appointment, I don’t need to be stood up again and waste another day with their company.

Needless to say they never showed up to clean our carpets and I will NEVER do business with Stanley Steemer ever again! It is rather frustrating since we have used Stanley Steemer at a previous house and had great customer service and our carpets ended up looking great. This is such a disappointment! We did end up using another company, I will share those before and after pictures with you soon!